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HYTORC Adds Battery-Powered ‘LION GUN’ to Bolting-System Lineup

Jane Alexander | January 10, 2017


HYTORC (Mahwah, NJ) has announced the addition of the LION-.25 lithium-ion battery-powered torque gun to its lineup of industrial-bolting solutions. Also referred to as the “LION Gun,” the newly released tool is said to be first-ever consumer product from the company. Lightweight (7 lbs. with battery) and portable (with no attachments to hoses, cords, or compressors), it incorporates technology that keeps the unit free of loud noise and high vibrations that can lead to long-term health issues for users.

How It Works
Characterized by the manufacturer as ”the world’s first affordable precision-bolting system with built-in data recording.” the 18-volt, 4.1 ampere-hour  LION Gun is designed for applications with bolt diameters of 3/8 in. to 3/4 in. and the need for 25 to 250 foot/pounds (ft/lbs) of torque.

  • The user simply sets the desired torque output on the tool’s display and pulls the trigger to obtain fast, precise, repeatable torque without excessive noise or vibration.
  • The rotation angle can also be programmed for simple torque and angle bolting.
  • After tightening, the tool automatically releases for fast movement from nut to nut.

Once a bolting application is complete, the LION Gun can be connected to a PC or tablet to export the recorded data into an Excel-friendly format for reporting, storage, or additional analysis.

HYTORC notes that its LION Gun, for which there are hundreds of available accessories, is well suited for use in the aerospace, agriculture, aviation, marine, military, railroad, transportation maintenance, turbine, and utilities sectors.

For more information on the LION-.25 lithium-battery-powered torque gun (AKA “LION Gun”), CLICK HERE.





Jane Alexander

Jane Alexander

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