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White Paper | Making Machines Smarter Through Machine Learning

Grant Gerke | April 25, 2017

A new white paper from the Industrial Internet Consortium ( , titled, “Making Factories Smarter Through Machine Learning,” offers a great read on how machine learning can allow for better edge analytics, reduce data streams and promote better data fidelity.

A passage from the White Paper below:

The other capability provided by the software is the ability to read complex sensors and perform pre-processing in terms of data reduction: For example, vibration is sampled at least two times the vibration frequency. In this case, a fast Fourier transform is performed and only the frequency of interest is stored. This is an area where there is high opportunity for more efficient processing – effectively using machine learning for pre-processing and feature selection.

Therefore, it (SoC) can sample each variable with smart criterions: For example, temperature may not be measured with the same frequency of vibration

The white paper provides a roadmap on moving beyond preventive to SoC machine learning.

Download the White Paper >>

Industrial Internet Consortium

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Grant Gerke

Grant Gerke

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