ABB Ability Enterprise Analytics Dives Ever Deeper into OGC Data

Greg Pietras | September 8, 2017

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According to ABB  (Aberdeen, Scotland), its launch of ABB Ability Enterprise Analytics not only allows operations in the oil, gas, and chemicals (OGC) sector to dive deep into their reams of data, it provides a common (“joined-up”) view of the analytics for all concerned, from CEO-level executives down through production-site maintenance personnel.

Leveraging ABB’s Ability platform, the company’s digital backbone, the new offering is said to be capable of presenting business intelligence and analytics across areas within a single window, regardless of which vendor’s (third-party’s) control system is used.

“With ABB Ability Enterprise Analytics, insights are combined into a single dashboard that, for the first time, transforms data into easily actionable information for executives, plant, process and maintenance managers across the entire oil, gas and chemicals (OGC) sector,” explained ABB Group vice president Håvard Devold. The financial upside for operators, he noted, is significant, given the fact that 30% savings in capital and operating expenditures are achievable.

Supporting the single-dashboard view are ABB’s Collaborative Operations Centers that digitally connect the company’s customers with ABB’s experts worldwide. These centers let ABB see all customer sites, along with a case-management system that identifies critical assets in need of urgent attention.

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Greg Pietras

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