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Emerson Introduces DeltaV v. 14

Gary Parr | February 13, 2018

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Modern_image11Emerson, St. Louis, is expanding its Plantweb™ digital ecosystem with the launch of DeltaV version 14, a cybersecurity-certified control system designed to deliver new value in capital projects and make plant operations more connected and productive. This major update includes several meaningful enhancements to eliminate costs and reduce complexity in capital projects, while improving productivity during operations through enhanced access to production and equipment data, improved usability, and greater security.

“More than ever, an integrated plant-data environment is essential to achieve digital transformation. With DeltaV, we’re reducing the engineering effort required to securely connect plant, operational, and information systems,” said Jamie Froedge, president of Process Systems and Solutions, Emerson Automation Solutions. “Our customers will have more capabilities in their distributed control and safety systems to help them successfully execute capital projects and optimize operations.”

Capital Project Flexibility

Continuing to advance the impact of DeltaV Electronic Marshalling with CHARMs on capital project engineering, CHARM I/O Block takes CHARMs—which achieved more than one million deployments at more than 1,100 sites in only 5 yr.—closer to the field. Small enclosures, with as many as 12 CHARMs, can now be installed closer to field devices, significantly reducing wiring and overall installation costs by as much as 60% and providing more engineering flexibility.

Smart Commissioning, launched in 2016, reduced commissioning time 2 hr. to 25 min. Emerson is now expanding these capabilities and reducing device commissioning time to as little as 10 min.

Mobility and User Experience

DeltaV Live Operator Interface is a modern, built-for-purpose operations experience that is easy to understand and modify. The HMI comes pre-engineered with the industry’s best practices for user experience including ISA 101.01 and is based on research with the Center for Operator Performance, a consortium of vendors and academia focused on human factors engineering. The HTML5 interface enables scalable graphics and gives operators the flexibility to adjust their displays to focus on process data that is most important for each situation.

A Secure, Connected Plant

DeltaV will offer its users a new level of confidence and protection from cybersecurity threats by providing top-to-bottom cybersecurity certification. DeltaV v14 will be certified ISASecure SSA Level 1 by the International Society of Automation (ISA), signifying that Emerson developers are trained to write secure code and the system as a whole is hardened against cyber threats.

Emerson is making connecting a plant’s OT systems with IT systems seamless by expanding OPC UA access in its DeltaV hardware and software offerings. DeltaV is the pathway for most plant data and now using the IIoT’s most prevalent protocol, OPC UA, DeltaV applications and servers can securely share data to cloud analytics applications, remote monitoring solutions, and third-party technologies.




Gary Parr

Gary Parr

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