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Grant Gerke | February 16, 2018

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Resources and access to hands-on, vocational training have seen its share of ebbs and flows in the U.S., but over the last ten years, the issue has been top of mind due to aging baby boomers leaving the workforce. Advanced manufacturing is lessening the impact of this trend, and some universities and manufacturing innovation centers are providing students with manufacturing skills and knowledge during their schooling.

One institution taking this lead is Auburn University’s and their Tribology program that offers engineering students a deep dive in the study of friction on mechanical components. Tribology is the multidisciplinary study of surface contact, friction, wear, and lubrication. Efficient Plant’s Michelle Segrest wrote about the program, Tribology Program Fills Skills Gap, and provides more detail in this video above.

From the feature article: 

“We create all kinds of projects for the lab,” Jackson said. “Sometimes there is a new technology we want to research. Sometimes problems come from the industry. Sometimes students come up with ideas. One wanted to measure the surface roughness of Legos. Another group measured the wear on their cell-phone screen. One student was a trombone player, and he did a report on the lubricants used for the instrument’s sliding mechanism. We are truly producing professionals who have extensive expertise in the field of tribology.”

>> Read the entire feature article, Tribology Program Fills Skills Gap




Grant Gerke

Grant Gerke

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