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Protect Your Site From Cyber Attacks

EP Editorial Staff | July 12, 2018

The Belden/Tripwire Special Edition Industrial Cyber Security for Dummies e-book is really directed at a larger audience, i.e., that would be anybody concerned about the prospect of cyber attacks on industrial control systems and operations environments.

Written by David Meltzer and Jeff Lund, and published in 2017 by John Wiley & Sons Inc., Hoboken, NJ (, this special-edition equips readers with “smart answers when brainless questions come up.” Among other things, its four chapters include the following list of 10 steps that an organization should take to ensure it has the proper
industrial cyber-security solutions:

• Get an industrial cyber-security assessment and prioritize the security gaps for action.

• Establish and maintain an asset inventory of all hardware and software, including documenting ports, services, and protocols in use, and then prioritize according to your most-critical assets.

• Secure all network and Internet connections to control systems and minimize this connectivity wherever possible.

• Secure wireless and remote access and minimize who has authorization to use it.

• Secure and harden the configurations of industrial networks, endpoints, and control systems, and continually assess for change and new vulnerabilities.

• Continuously monitor and respond to change at the endpoints and control-system levels.

• Implement strong authentication mechanisms and educate employees on how to protect those credentials.

• Establish, apply, and communicate security policies and then monitor changes against those policies.

• Increase defense‐in‐depth layers to secure industrial control system (ICS) systems, including network segmentation and the creation of secure zones, maintaining logging, and controlling who has access (physical and electronic).

• Increase cyber-security awareness with training, and enforce policies with employees, contractors, and visitors to your facilities.

Click here to download this entire special-edition e-book free. EP

Belden Inc., St. Louis, provides end-to-end signal-transmission solutions to meet networking-infrastructure and industrial-cyber-security needs of the global industrial, enterprise, and broadcast markets. For more information, visit

Tripwire Inc., Portland, OR, is a provider of security, compliance, and IT-operations solutions for enterprises, industrial and critical infrastructure, service providers, and governmental agencies. For more information, visit



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