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Reports Keep Maintenance Organized

EP Editorial Staff | August 18, 2018

By Kristina Gordon, Illumiti

In the July 2018 SAP article, we explored different ways to tag critical maintenance plans and equipment for future evaluation. This month, we identify reports that capture those tags/indicators and help you better understand when and how to identify critical work.

The most common report is generated from transaction IW39 (display). This report collects work orders for equipment or functional locations, providing access to the status of associated maintenance plans.

The report offers a broad range of selection criteria that helps you identify an individual asset and view its associated maintenance plans and/or work orders. Another example allows you to easily select and display plans, history, and/or general information about an indicator such as a PSM (process safety management) permit. This report can be exported to an Excel file.

This report, generated by transaction IW39, provides information about an indicator such as a PSM permit.

Another report is the scheduling-overview screen, generated using transaction IP24. This identifies a group of maintenance plans with completion dates that are due or overdue. The transaction will allow you to enter selection criteria that provide the information you need in a single report. It is pulled by maintenance plan.

If you want to view items that are due or overdue, generate this report with transaction IP24.

Finally, transaction IE05 pulls equipment by number, then displays, by selection, the maintenance plans, work orders, and details for that asset, with due dates.

Transaction IE05 will assemble equipment by number, displaying vital information about each asset.

With these reports, you have the power to properly evaluate your critical-maintenance plans by work order, maintenance plan, or asset using one of these three transactions.

There are several standard reports available, out of the box, using SAP in either an ECC environment or with S/4Hana. With S/4Hana, you also have a real-time dashboard with key performance indicators built into the pre-delivered apps. That will be our topic next month. EP

Kristina Gordon is SAP Principal Consultant at Illumiti, Thornhill, Ontario ( If you have SAP questions, send them to and we’ll forward them to Kristina.



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