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PODCAST: Keys to Culture Success

Gary Parr | November 15, 2018

A good culture can make your enterprise fly. A bad culture can destroy your operation. Developing a good culture takes hard work and persistence, but the payoff is huge and long-lasting. Changing a bad culture is even more difficult, but doing so could save your company. At minimum, it will make you more profitable. For this podcast, we are joined by Efficient Plant contributing editor Klaus Blache. He is also director of the Reliability and Maintainability Center at the Univ. of Tennessee and a research professor at the university’s College of Engineering. In this discussion, Blache points out where companies go wrong with their culture-development efforts, what factors deliver a positive culture, and management’s role in the effort. This discussion will help you evaluate your enterprise and get started improving your work environment and, by extension, company profits.




Gary Parr

Gary Parr

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