EP Editorial Staff | March 2, 2019

The Ultra-Glide arm-stand system for inspecting parts over a large surface area provides smooth motion along its 23-in. arm. The stand has a 13 1/2-in. post with a safety collar and a heavy 10 1/2 x 15-in. base. The system uses the company’s Mighty Cam Auto Focus inspection camera. The camera reportedly streamlines the inspection process by achieving instant auto focus, with no need to manually adjust the physical optics. The system includes a 32-gb MICRO SD card for capturing high-resolution image/video files, and a macro zoom lens, providing 6x to18x magnification at a 6-in. working distance, and 32x to 52x at a 0.39-in. working distance, based on a 22-in. monitor.

Ann Arbor, MI



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