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Create a Material BOM

EP Editorial Staff | September 17, 2019

By Kristina Gordon, Illumiti

A bill of materials or BOM, as it is called in SAP, is a useful tool as it allows the maintenance planner to easily view the materials associated with a specific piece of equipment. This saves time and money.

In SAP,  Predictive Maintenence (PM) assemblies are not individual objects, but logical elements that separate technical objects into more clearly defined units in plant maintenance. For example, an automobile can be a technical object, with the engine, gearbox, and chassis the maintenance assemblies. PM has three types of BOMs: Material BOM (known as assemblies), Equipment BOM, and Functional Location BOM.

The following procedure outlines how to create a new Material BOM. This script will also outline how to change a Material BOM.

1. Transaction CS01 is used to create a bill of materials.

2. On the Create material BOM: initial screen, enter the necessary data.

3. Press the green checkmark 

4. On the General Item Overview Screen, for stock items you are required to enter the Item Category:

• L for stock material
• N for non-stock material
• I for PM Assembly (Material BOM)
• T for text items
• D for documents.

Also enter the material number and the quantity. The system will default the rest from the material number.

5. Press the green checkmark.

6. After pressing the green checkmark, SAP will show the names and unit of measure of each material.

7. Press the save button. 

8. Check the status bar to ensure a successful save.

You have now created a Material BOM. EP

Kristina Gordon is SAP Principal Consultant at Illumiti, Thornhill, Ontario ( If you have SAP questions, send them to and we’ll forward them to Kristina.



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