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EP Editorial Staff | July 20, 2020

Internal training can play a major role in your company’s growth and long-term sustainability.

By Jon Sillerud, Uponor North America

Elevating your workforce begins with a robust training program. There are two avenues to consider when it comes to training employees. Making the decision to go with internal or external training opportunities relies heavily on company culture and resources. Here’s how to weigh your options.

Consider the crowd

How well do you know your employees? Are they younger or older? Novice or seasoned? Knowing these characteristics can help when it comes to deciding on internal versus external training.

If you want to go the internal route, and you have more seasoned employees, consider appointing a veteran from within a department with decades of industry knowledge. This knowledge can then be reinforced with some professional, online learning courses.

You will often have more success with someone who knows the industry and has the potential to learn how to be a trainer, rather than a person with training expertise who knows nothing about the industry.

Train your trainers

Internal training requires a department leader who can create a strategy that aligns with the company’s core values and growth potential. Depending on company size, you could have a single leader who does the strategy and the training, or you could appoint several trainers under a training manager or director.

If you have the luxury of recruiting several dedicated employees for a training department, and your business leaders see the benefit of internal training, make sure these individuals receive all of the quality training they need to be effective. Training is an art and a science that requires careful crafting and delivery for success.

Walk the talk

For internal training program success, you need support from the top. Company leaders must see the value and put dollars and resources behind the program. Without money and people to drive it, the program will likely fail.

Internal training can play a major role in your company’s growth and long-term sustainability. However, it is important to first gain and then maintain the support, resources, and strategy necessary to ensure the program will thrive. EP

For more about workforce development strategies and techniques, watch our webinar, presented by Jon Sillerud. You can view the presentation at

Jon Sillerud is Vice President, Operations, for Uponor North America, Apple Valley, MN ( Reach him at


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