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AI Solutions Accelerate Journey to Self-Optimizing Plant

Gary Parr | October 9, 2020

Aspen Technology's aspenOne v12 software embeds artificial intelligence to accelerate move toward self-optimizing plants.

Aspen Technology, Inc., Bedford, MA, has announced availability of the aspenONE V12 software release, which embeds artificial intelligence (AI) across the portfolio and uses cloud technology to deliver enterprise-wide analytics and insights for increased safety, sustainability, and improved margins. AspenTech’s Industrial AI solutions implement AI where it can deliver maximum value and drive progress toward the self-optimizing plant.

aspenONE® V12 solutions are said to have the first industrial AI hybrid model capability purpose-built for the process industries and other capital-intensive industries. Aspen Hybrid Models capture data from assets across the enterprise, and then apply AI, engineering-first principles, and the company’s domain expertise to deliver comprehensive, accurate models at enterprise speed and scale. The software enables customers to apply AI to critical processes without additional data-science expertise and offers better support for new users without deep process knowledge or experience.

The process industries have embraced digital transformation to drive operational excellence and innovation as they respond to meet the needs of growing populations and expectations for sustainability. The new solutions in aspenONE V12 address these unique challenges with better modeling accuracy, greater insights, and improved total cost of ownership.

“The process industries and other capital-intensive industries are experiencing new levels of volatility in supply and demand, and the need to be agile in response to all market conditions requires a new approach to asset optimization,” said Antonio Pietri, President and CEO, Aspen Technology. “In addition, they face higher expectations for efficiency and profitability, and increasing pressure to meet sustainability targets. This next generation of Industrial AI solutions will change how process industries work. The self-optimizing plant represents the future of operational excellence, and we continue our commitment to innovate and deliver solutions that can accelerate our customers’ journey toward it.”



Gary Parr

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