Safety Light Curtains

EP Editorial Staff | December 7, 2020

Safegate Type 4 access-control barrier safety light curtains provide protection in a wide range of applications requiring integration of the muting functions.

The muting function temporarily disables the safety function when a workpiece or conveying pallette passes through the detection area of the curtains or safety sensors. The curtains have integrated muting functions with two access-control (body protection) hardware or software configuration options.

Sender/receiver or active/passive pair versions are available with 24-VDC input, 300- or 400-mm resolution, and 0 to 8 m or 0 to 12 m operating distances. Software configurable (SMPO) models allow the upload/download of settings, specification of muting parameters, light-curtain status and monitoring, and the ability to check and validate the programmable configurations.

Cumming, GA



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