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Gary Parr | January 29, 2021

Learn more about the new Red Raven services at flowserve.com/iot.

Flowserve Corp. Irving, TX, has introduced the Red Raven IoT service suite, designed to help production facilities remotely monitor assets, predict equipment failures, and take preventive measures to avoid disruptions.

The platform supports any flow-control equipment, regardless of manufacturer, opening the door for companies to quickly realize the full benefits of IoT and predictive analytics without major infrastructure changes.

IIoT-based predictive maintenance solutions are expected to reduce factory equipment maintenance costs by 40%, according to Deloitte. Predictive maintenance can also reduce safety, health, environment, and quality risks by 14% and extend the life of an aging asset by 20%, according to PwC.

“We’re betting big on IoT to help companies avoid costly downtime, which is not feasible in today’s world,” said Scott Rowe, Flowserve President and CEO. “The COVID-19 pandemic illustrated the critical importance of digitization in production facilities for business continuity and Red Raven can help companies accelerate their digital transformation to start reaping the numerous productivity and profitability benefits of IoT.”

Red Raven is a services platform that takes a systems approach. Available with wireless or wired options based on applications, it includes sensors that are placed on industrial equipment and gateways that collect data from assets and then transmit it to the cloud with a secure, data-encrypted solution. Companies can access critical data on their equipment performance with Flowserve’s secure Insight Portal dashboard. Flowserve’s supports Red Raven with a dedicated remote-monitoring facility that is staffed by a team of technical specialists who identify problems, help companies fix the issues, and support them throughout their entire IoT journey. Red Raven works for any company with flow-control equipment, such as those in the oil and gas, water, chemical, power, food and beverage, and mining industries.

Key Red Raven benefits include:

• Reduce expensive downtime and repairs with the ability to predict failures of critical assets before they happen and take preventive action.

• Identify and fix issues immediately with near-real-time monitoring from any location.

• Improve efficiency, productivity, and worker safety with the ability to determine when and where technicians are needed and avoid unnecessary equipment checks.

• Gain insights to make informed decisions that improve plant productivity and profitability.

• Operate equipment at peak performance and reduce total cost of ownership.

For more information, visit http://www.flowserve.com/iot.



Gary Parr

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