SPONSORED: Ultrasonic Bearing Friction, Cavitation, and Leak Detection Sensors – UltraTrak 850s Family of Sensors

EP Editorial Staff | May 3, 2022

Significant damage to critical assets that lead to unplanned downtime is one of the most expensive hurdles your facility encounters.

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While there is never a convenient time for this to happen, there are better ways to be prepared and minimize the impact.

The UltraTrak 850S family of sensors are versatile modern sensors and transmitters – specialized in high-speed bearings, slow-speed bearings, steam traps and valves, and cavitation detection – designed to detect early onset failures quickly and easily in industrial equipment, allowing you to take control and prevent catastrophic damage to critical assets.

Each sensor can be installed and working in tandem with existing plant automation and measurement applications within 10 minutes, ensuring you can monitor the health of your assets in real-time.

The UltraTrak 850S sensors will allow you to take back complete control of your critical assets while significantly increasing production.


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