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Sustainable Recovery Of Food Waste — Energy Savings & A Sustainable Solution

The Wernsing Feinkost GmbH is part of the Wernsing Food Family, a company that processes around 500,000 tons of potatoes each year. The company strategy focuses on the utilization of all resources directly on-site. Older processes known to consume energy in food manufacturing have motivated Wernsing Feinkost GmbH to utilize the potential of production waste to generate energy. The decision to shift to sustainable production makes it possible for the company to cover a significant percentage of its energy needs on its own today.

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The ABCs and 123s of Variable Frequency Drives

Keeping up with the terminology surrounding the usage of variable frequency drives can be daunting. Maybe if there were one place where you could look up definitions of these ever-increasing terms, it would make it easier to be a power user of variable frequency drives. Yaskawa aims to make you the alpha drive user you always wanted to be.

In this white paper, you will find some real-world definitions of many of the confusing terms thrown around in VFD manuals and technical articles. This lesson contains 50 of the most important VFD terms for today’s variable frequency drive users.

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Smart Instrumentation For The Digital Present And Future

In today’s data-centric landscape, smart instrumentation provides a wealth of diagnostic and other information, enabling plant staff to get more from their instruments than simple 4-20mA process variable measurements. This information — transmitted via digital communication protocols — helps plant personnel improve plant efficiency and avoid unplanned shutdowns by empowering them to implement proactive maintenance and predictive monitoring.

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Permanently Installed Technology Improves Motor Reliability

In today’s competitive marketplace, motor reliability is essential. However, monitoring motor health is increasingly difficult in today’s shrinking labor force environment. Companies seeking to gain a competitive edge are turning to permanently installed motor testing technology which improves motor reliability, is safer than manual testing, addresses the reduced labor force issue, and provides a more efficient, profitable operation.

Constantly receiving vital motor information twenty-four hours a day allows the company to react in real time to take the steps to keep the motor running optimally. The included three case studies offer insight into the benefits of permanently installed technology.

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What is the Real Cost of Compressed Air?

Across every major industry and in every major marketplace worldwide, sustainability is gaining heightened priority in the 21st century business world. And the reasons behind the push for “greener” operations are both powerful and promising, as some of the same practices that can help preserve the planet can also help businesses save money and boost their bottom lines.

With this in mind, Atlas Copco Compressors decided to take a more in-depth look at the U.S. market when it comes to compressed air. The analysis concluded that the U.S. could save around 13 billion kWh annually in electricity associated with compressed air — which would save U.S. manufacturers over $1 billion in energy costs annually. Learn more by reading the report.

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A New Industrial Revolution On The Horizon That Integrates Mankind And Machine

Even as companies are just now realizing the full benefits provided by Industry 4.0, there is a new industrial revolution on the horizon that integrates mankind and machine in ways only sci-fi movies once imagined. Industry 5.0 promises a workforce of human and machine collaborators capable of lightning-fast efficiency with reduced risk. Read more about Rite-Hite Machine Guarding products.

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Eliminating Product Leakage On Rotary Feeders

Rotary feeders in a dough production facility were leaking, resulting in lost production and high maintenance costs. Learn how Inpro/Seal delivered permanent sealing solutions that required no ongoing maintenance.

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Maximize Pump Life: The Importance of Bearing Protection

Lip seals are commonly used on pumps to seal the bearings from water or dust entering the bearing housing or lubrication escaping. Unfortunately, they wear out quickly or groove the shaft, leading to bearing failure. Explore how Inpro/Seal® Bearing Isolators significantly increase pump reliability with permanent bearing protection.

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Smooth Transition At The Loading Dock

Rite-Hite’s Smooth Transition Dok System® is a full collection of masterfully engineered components that comprise an entire preventative system designed to help keep your personnel, material handling equipment and products safe from hazardous bumps and gaps experienced during loading and unloading when transitioning from facility floor to trailer bed.

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Optimize and automate your water network – anywhere, anytime

If you’re in the water and wastewater industry, you have to keep a close eye on your water networks. How can you react quickly and appropriately to incidents? How can you reduce operating and energy costs? Netilion Water Network Insights is a tailor-made solution, from Endress+Hauser and powered by Netilion, that provides useful answers to these and many other questions.

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Downstream Industry Outlook: 2022 & Beyond

Reuters Events partnered with Wood to release the Downstream Industry Outlook: 2022 & Beyond, looking at key challenges & opportunities impacting future Downstream CAPEX & OPEX. Includes exclusive insight from Shell, Dow, CP Chem, Chevron, Lyondellbasell, Bechtel, Wood and many more!

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Using Reliability to Offset Supply Chain Issues

Recently supply chain shutdowns have crippled companies around the globe. Ensuring existing equipment runs for as long as possible before breaking helps companies cope with reduced parts inventory and ensures continued manufacturing.

Without normal access to parts, how can a company keep its systems and production lines running? This article discusses the supply chain issue, its effect on companies, and how using reliability can help offset the limited availability of supplies now and into the future.

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Expert Calibration Services for your Industry

How often should you calibrate your instruments? Calibration is essential across industries to ensure compliance and regulatory requirements and to maintain high product quality and efficient production procedures. Learn more about calibration services in your industry and how to optimize your processes.




Top 5 VFD Parameter Changes: What you Need to Set and Why

Terms like IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and predictive analytics have been buzzwords for some time. But many people seem to have different ideas of what these technologies are, how they relate to one another, and what they can achieve. To strip away the confusion, this white paper takes a closer look at IIoT and predictive analytics as well as the potential they hold for oil and gas companies, refineries and petrochemical facilities.

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What IIoT and Predictive Analytics Mean for the Fluid Motion Industry

Terms like IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and predictive analytics have been buzzwords for some time. But many people seem to have different ideas of what these technologies are, how they relate to one another, and what they can achieve.

To strip away the confusion, this white paper takes a closer look at IIoT and predictive analytics as well as the potential they hold for oil and gas companies, refineries and petrochemical facilities.

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Instrumentation Calibration As A Service

Every process plant has some level of operational time-sensitivity to ensure maximum productivity. These operations need properly calibrated instruments not only for efficiency, but often to meet regulatory requirements. Instrument calibration is a specialty activity, in some cases needed intermittently and unexpectedly, and often requiring a large number of specialized staff. These and other issues can be addressed by engaging a calibration service provider to meet a plant’s calibration needs.

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Advantech’s Edge Intelligence Solutions Power AIoT Industrial Application Development

Edge computing brings computation and data storage closer to where it is needed, to improve response times and save bandwidth. Advantech believes that edge computing has the potential to help enterprises manage various functions and resources with Edge Intelligence (Ei). This whitepaper explores benefits and setup of Ei architecture.

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Transformer Monitoring: One Size Does Not Fit All

Do not invest in transformer monitoring until you know which monitor is the best fit for your application. There is no such thing as “good/better/best” when it comes to transformer monitoring—only “best fit.” Read the One Size Does Not Fit All white paper to learn which is the best fit for your system… and the best investment.

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Implementing a calibration plan can help increase profit

Many companies are now in the habit of calibrating their instruments at least once a year, although there may not be a need to pay the same degree of attention to every measuring point.

What are the factors to bear in mind when defining which measuring points to include?  Find out in this informative white paper!

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Effective Water Analysis Improves Cooling System Performance

Cooling systems in refineries and chemical plants depend on water quality analysis of recirculated water to deliver effective performance. Selecting the right instrumentation makes the difference. Discover how cooling system installations operate, what happens to the water they use, and how instrumentation can help monitor and control remediation efforts.

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LG&E and KU Energy Case Study

LG&E and KU Energy’s generation services group implemented a data technology platform to automate data collection and help the maintenance team shift focus to data analysis and finding problems before those problems threaten plant availability. Read this case study to learn how NI InsightCM is helping the generation services group support plant maintenance efforts. Also learn how NI wireless sensor technology

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Getting Executive Attention and Support for Predictive Maintenance

In this brief, Ralph Rio – Vice President at ARC Advisory Group, discusses the importance of getting business executive attention (and support) for predictive maintenance programs. Just because technology is “cool” doesn’t mean it can help turn profit. Check out Ralph Rio’s brief to get advice on ROI for predictive maintenance, setting-up projects for success, and connecting maintenance KPIs to C-suite KPIs. “Those involved in maintenance would do well to tie maintenance KPIs to executive KPIs to obtain executive approval and support for projects” – Ralph Rio, ARC Advisory Group.

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How much is unplanned downtime costing you?

The answer for most owners/operators is “way too much!” and “we’re not sure how to fix it.”

A new white paper from Lloyd’s Register on maintenance optimization shows you the steps that will leverage the strategic value of your data to increase asset performance, reduce downtime, minimize risk and maximize ROI.

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3 Reasons Routes for Predictive Maintenance Programs May Be Dead

It’s no secret that the power generation industry faces challenges on several fronts, one of which is asset health impact to plant uptime.  This brief looks at one of the foundational elements of maintenance programs, data collection, and discusses three trends that are changing how maintenance professionals get the data they need to keep plants up and running. 

The 3 trends highlighted include:

  1. Experienced professionals leaving the industry
  2. Advances in technology driven by the Industrial IoT
  3. Doing more with less

This summary provides an overview and then follows-up with a case study from IHS Markit Technology that shows how Duke Energy applied IIoT technologies to address their 60,000 manual data collections per month, increasing reliability demands, and need to optimize the activities of their workforce.

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Pulley Alignment Guide

Precision alignment is an essential part of a proactive reliability program as it can eliminate many machine failures and defects.

This guide from LUDECA provides information for the implementation of good pulley alignment of belt-driven equipment including terminology, alignment methods, belt maintenance, storage and tensioning as well as a 5-Step Sheave/Pulley Alignment Procedure.

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IoT Signals

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way people live and work. Beyond just the smart devices you use every day, IoT is revolutionizing the way companies do business – allowing them to become faster, smarter, safer, and more efficient.

Microsoft has been at the forefront of IoT, innovating and investing as IoT continues to gain traction worldwide. The IoT Signals report was created to give the industry a holistic view of the IoT ecosystem – providing insight into adoption rates as well as benefits and challenges.

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Hybrid Analytics: The Value of Machine and Human Supervision

Big Data, IoT, Industry 4.0, The Cloud, Unsupervised Learning, Supervised Learning, and Hybrid Analytics: What are they?

Is unsupervised machine learning the way of the future? Is this the death knell for data analyst? How will unsupervised data interpretation affect a company’s bottom line and its assets? Is there a way to utilize all of these individual parts for a total plant management plan?

This white paper from PdMA investigates these questions and attempts to answer them and the bigger question: Will unsupervised machine learning be enough to maintain motor and plant reliability?

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The Factory of the Future is NOW – And it’s Everywhere

By now, anyone involved in the industrial sector has heard of the Factory of the Future. Those four words encompass an industrial utopia defined by increased productivity with reduced downtime, data transparency, previously-untapped levels of customization, improved safety capabilities, all boiling down to more profitable production processes. Drawing from decades of multi-technology expertise, Bosch Rexroth demonstrates how the automation technologies driving the Factory of the Future interacts with other systems to make full flexibility, individuality and scalability a reality.

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Manufacturing Training Guide

Learn the basics of job training in a manufacturing workplace to help you onboard new hires more quickly, completely, and efficiently, help workers develop new skills and prepare for new jobs in their career path, and close skill gaps in your organization. This guide provides evidence-based, tested, and easily repeatable methods for improving training at your work.

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Keeping Maintenance Workers Trained, Knowledgeable and Safe

In a large steel manufacturer there is a constant struggle between using veteran maintenance workers to handle the most critical issues or having them train new employees. A solution was needed to accomplish both goals. This white paper examines how this steel manufacturer used a unique combination of an online training solution and an operator troubleshooting tool to share information across all facilities, get new employees up to speed, and avoid costly production downtime.

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Increase Reliability & Profits Through Digitalization

IIoT and digitalization technologies are paving the way to increased profitability and reliability. Fortunately, capturing this opportunity does not require the full-scale digital transformation that many organizations expect.

This paper discusses how to apply these technologies where they will create the most impact, and outlines three keys to success when embarking on your digitalization journey.

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0118nilogo5 InsightCM™ Features for Remote Diagnostics

Reliability engineers can’t be in two places at once. But when assets from two different plants are raising concern, how does the engineer figure out which one is more likely to contribute to an outage? Remote diagnostics help maintenance teams decide where to deploy valuable resources like subject matter experts, troubleshooting equipment, and spares.

InsightCM is condition monitoring software for reliability professionals who want to remotely diagnose equipment before deciding if an in-person trip to the asset is needed.

This white paper aims to:

• Discuss the benefits of remote diagnostics
• Introduce several key technologies in InsightCM that enable remote diagnostics

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Order Tracking: Dynamic Monitoring For Dynamic Processes

Many machines do more than just run at a fixed speed. Lots of machines speed up, slow down, adjust loads, reverse direction. In other words, they dynamically adjust to their process environments and missions. These machines are terrific! However, the very flexibility that makes machines like these so valuable in industry, also creates a unique maintenance issue. Their performance monitoring and vibration analysis can be challenging. Machinery that carry out dynamic processes require performance monitoring techniques that are just as dynamic. Order Tracking hits this dynamic monitoring nail right on the head.

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The Truth About Cybersecurity

Proven Strategies To Thrive In The Industrial Digital Age

Welcome to the Industrial Digital Age. Industrial manufacturers and critical infrastructure companies across the world — oil & gas, power generation, petrochemical, food & beverage, mining & minerals and the like — are joining the digital revolution. Cloud computing, big data analytics, Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies are powering the Internet of Things and its cousin, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). This has empowered industrial companies to grow and innovate in ways never imagined even a few years ago. Along the way, these open platforms and interconnected systems have also opened new doors for cybercriminals, leading to a rise in the frequency and severity of cybersecurity attacks on the systems that control the world’s most critical and volatile manufacturing processes.

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emerson0217wpHow Real Users Benefited from Effective Asset Management

From start-up and commissioning to turnarounds and outages to daily operation, AMS Device Manager users have benefited from decision support through proactive and predictive diagnostics, resulting in millions of dollars in savings.

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emerson0217wpDrive Reliability with Handheld Communicators

As maintenance staffs are shrinking and the number of work orders increases, you need powerful field diagnostic tools to fix problems quickly and correctly. Give technicians more flexibility in both the field and the workshop, helping them save time and feel more confident about the repairs and configurations performed daily. Explore how you can focus on driving asset reliability in your plant.

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FSE Logo - FS whiteHow to Choose the Right Air Compressor

Choosing the wrong air compressor can cost your plant hundreds if not thousands of dollars in wasted energy and lost production time. Very often, when selecting an air compressor, the only thought given to the specification is the cubic feet per minute or CFM of airflow needed for the plant. Don’t make this same mistake.

Download this white paper to learn the primary factors in selecting an air compressor, average ten-year costs of compressor operation, how to determine if you need oil-free or lubricated equipment and how to find opportunities to reduce maintenance and energy requirements.

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spmlogoModern Vibration Analysis Catches Bearing Failures Earlier

Bearings spall in a predictable 4-stage process. Worse wear causes higher vibration…

…but recent advances in vibration analysis let you detect damage in the early stages and alerts you to impending failure – up to months in advance.

HD technology detects bearing damage earlier and provides exceptionally clear data for quick, easy analysis. Discover how you can track the 4 stages of bearing failure to avoid costly repairs and downtime.

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FSE Logo - FS whiteDiscover the Hidden Costs of Air Compressor Operation

Many manufacturers are unaware of hidden costs of operating their compressed air system. Could this be you? With all capital equipment purchases, the initial cost is not the only expense to consider. Often there are associated costs that are not always apparent at the time of purchase that can significantly affect operational budgets.

Download this white paper and learn how to calculate the costs of your current system, how to identify potential hidden costs and examine how one company used this process to save money while providing a reliable, and quality air source.

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0118nilogo3 Mandates for Successfully Managing Your Things

The proliferation of smart and connected “things” in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) provides tremendous opportunities for increased performance and lower costs, but managing these distributed systems is often an overlooked challenge. Explore the three necessities for successfully managing your “things.”

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mobil logoWithout a plan, you’re wasting energy

Does your injection-molding plant have an energy plan? If not, you could be spending as much as 30 percent more than necessary on energy. Start saving money and energy by downloading a new white paper produced for ExxonMobil: “An Energy Saving Guide for Injection Molders.” Topics include how to:

• Map energy use
• Spend time and effort where returns are greatest
• Monitor the molding cycle
• Manage resources 

Find out how you can cut energy costs to help boost profitability.

ludeca0917SDT Ultrasound Lube Technician Handbook – 2017 Edition

Lubrication of rolling element bearings is one of the most misunderstood and abused maintenance tasks in industry. How do you know when a bearing needs grease? How much grease does the bearing need? If greasing on a time based schedule is your method of operations, you need to Hear More. Download this handbook and learn how to improve reliability and save money with ultrasound by making lubrication a condition-based task instead of a time-based task.

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nilogoTechnology Gaps and Capabilities in Online Monitoring

Download the white paper to read about the challenges maintenance managers face with improving overall reliability and some of the technology considerations for implementing an online fleetwide monitoring solution for predictive maintenance.

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yaskawalogoMatrix Drives Reduce Energy Costs for Asphalt Transport System

A material handling application is generating about $1,500 per year in electrical savings rather than dissipating the regenerative energy as heat. Additional equipment life cycle savings are also anticipated as a result of the simplified electrical and mechanical designs. These benefits are realized because of the application of the U1000 Industrial Matrix Drive.

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yaskawalogoInside Matrix Variable Frequency Drive Technology

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) save energy, increase the life of mechanical systems, and offer valuable control features in a wide range of building management applications. A new VFD design includes all the advantages of conventional VFDs with the added benefit of low-to-no harmonics in a simple-to-install, cost-effective package. This white paper describes how the Matrix design achieves its added advantages, including helping to achieve IEEE 519-2014 compliance in the overall system design.

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pdmalogoGaps in Your Electric Motor Reliability Program

The “best laid plans” is an idiom that should not come to mind if you are describing your electric motor reliability program. When a motor fails the common question is, “How could we have missed this?” This white paper discusses the common gaps in the planning, implementation, and operation of an electric motor reliability program including mistakes in Quality Control, Trending, and Troubleshooting of electric motors.

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emerson0217wpMaintain Asset Database Accuracy

Eliminate the risk of inaccurate data by automatically synchronizing field data with your asset database. With AMS Trex and AMS Device Manager, log and time-stamp field changes as they occur. Learn more about how the Auto Sync technology in AMS Trex helps you maintain the integrity of your asset database.

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dreisilkerlogoAre Long Lasting Motor Repairs Important to You?

Your operation runs on critical electric motors — what happens when they are down?

• Increased Costs
• Decreased Output
• Wasted time and idle staff

Reliability is the key to keeping your operation driving revenue. Dreisilker Electric Motors offers the solution to downtime. Simply put – their repairs last longer.

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AspenTech Color Logo

Predict, Prescribe, Profit: Creating a World that Doesn’t Break Down

What are you doing to reduce unplanned downtime at your plant? Equipment breakdowns and process interruptions are a $20 billion USD problem. Millions are being spend on new maintenance solutions, but is that even addressing the problem? Effective, earlier detection of issues would eliminate these failures. Download this white paper to learn how leading manufacturers are using big data to solve reliability problems that only a few years ago were unsolvable.

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emerson0217wpIncrease Maintenance Efficiency With Your Handheld

The right equipment gives technicians more flexibility in both the field and the workshop, helping them to save time and feel more confident about the repairs and configurations performed on a day-to-day basis. With Power the Loop technology in the AMS Trex communicator, technicians have more power than ever at their fingertips. Download the whitepaper to see how Power the Loop impacts three key areas of daily operation.

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computracwpMonitor Moisture to Extend Machinery Life

Whether your lube oil is designed for an engine, turbine or even an assembly line, accurate control of moisture in lubricating oils is critical to keeping your machines running at their fullest potential. Water content in oils can cause pitting, oxidation and particle contamination, which in turn lead to a decrease in machinery performance and useful life. This paper will discuss the dangers of moisture contamination, its effect on bearing life and the various techniques available for performing moisture analysis so that you are well equipped to discover, correct and prevent moisture contamination before it becomes a more serious problem.

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nilogoAddressing Challenges of Fleetwide Monitoring

Download the white paper to read about the challenges maintenance managers face with improving overall reliability and some of the technology considerations for implementing an online fleetwide monitoring solution for predictive maintenance.

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Tips for a Lean Approach to Motor Reliability

300dpi_600_357-smallerMaintaining the highest reliability standards for electric motors is the goal of every company. Unfortunately, in an era that emphasizes lean operations, many businesses fall short and costly expenses are incurred. When issues arise, a review of maintenance and testing procedures is usually conducted to see if the problems could have or should have been detected. Is there a better way to ensure more reliable electric motors, and to do more with less?

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0516avologoImportance of Circuit Breaker Maintenance

Reliability of the power system can only happen when proper maintenance is applied to the equipment within the system.

Maintenance consists of visual inspection of the mechanical operation plus electrical tests to verify the insulation integrity and operation of the breaker. The importance of circuit breaker maintenance cannot be overstated. Circuit breakers that fail to trip properly during a faulted condition can cause fires, equipment damage and increased Arc Flash Hazards to workers performing electrical maintenance or operations.

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aaeaaqaaaaaaaailaaaajgzmntqwothmlta5y2mtndm2os1iytvlltzknju4yjy0mtbloaThe Benefits of Mobility in Maintenance Operations

Mobility is one of the driving forces allowing manufacturers tocompete in today’s global marketplace, by meeting customers’ demands much more quickly and with more value added. Tablets help manufacturers access and use data more easily, which can open a wide range of new options to them. When it comes to mobile devices used in complex maintenance operations, technicians benefit from the ability to use the device right where they spend the majority of their time – at the machines they are maintaining and repairing.

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0516avologoReduce the Risk of Electrical Accidents by Utilizing Only Trained and Qualified Electrical Workers

Maintenance of electrical protective devices, particularly circuit breakers and relays, is vital not only for electrical systems and equipment reliability, but also for the safety of employees working on, near, or with these systems and equipment, therefore it must be performed by a Qualified Person. 

epm_pms_CMYK_pc-1New Technology Innovations For Process Industry Pressure Gauges

Find out how new technology innovations for industrial pressure guages can improve accuracy, reliability and dependability. Isn’t it time for an improvement in pressure gauge technology that meets today’s demanding industrial challenges?

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epm_pms_CMYK_pc-1Three Strategies to Drive Reliability with Handhelds

Imagine supporting your reliability goals with maintenance tools you use every day. With a powerful, built for purpose handheld, you can work faster and more effectively in the field while focusing on driving asset reliability. Download this whitepaper to discover three ways to improve reliability with handhelds.

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epm_pms_CMYK_pc-1New API Standard for Dual Seal Pumps: How You Can Increase Availability and Reliability

API Standard 682 focuses on seal fluid reservoirs on dual seal pumps. By measuring auxiliary pump seal flush system pressure, temperature and level, you can minimize failures, reduce pump maintenance costs and process downtime, resulting in significant payback. Find out how to:

  • Gain insight into faulty seals, before the problems become more serious
  • Quickly and easily replace existing switches with wireless transmitters
  • Avoid pump damage and failure resulting from seal flush system faults

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The Trillion Dollar Cable Question

A lot needs to be said about the aging power cable issue and much has been published involving the failures in cables, splices and terminations. A trillion dollars is likely a conservative estimate when you consider the magnitude of the power cable issues in the United States.

300dpi_600_357 smaller
The Trifecta of Motor Maintenance

If you win the Trifecta of Motor Maintenance, the return on your investment is huge. This white paper discusses the winning strategies of motor maintenance, focusing on the three reliability tasks for electric motor testing and the order in which they should be applied. Following these steps drastically improves the odds of your motor reliability.

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Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 9.49.39 AMMotor Maintenance and Testing

An electric motor loses efficiency several different ways, but the largest amount of loss comes from power losses caused by the resistance of current flow through the motor. This resistance not only loses power, but it also generates heat.

Click here to download AVO Training Institute’s White Paper.

Thermal Imaging, Power Quality and Harmonics

Infrared (IR) thermal imaging (thermography) is an effective troubleshooting tool, but many electricians who use IR cameras to spot overheated wires, connections and components may not be knowledgeable about the full range of causes that can cause such overheating, in particular issues of power quality and harmonics.

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Electric Motor Reliability: The Core Problem

Reliability is the key to your operational integrity – if your motors are down so is your ability to generate revenue. However, what repair method will assure reliability and minimize downtime?

Read Dreisilker’s White Paper Series for an in-depth look at electric motor re-manufacturing so you can make an informed decision.

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PLC Handbook: A Practical Guide to Programmable Logic Controllers

This easy-to-read eBook is for users who wish to learn how to do more with their PLC or simply refresh their understanding. It covers the basics and dives into ladder logic, PID loops, communication protocols, and motion control.

What’s Inside:
— What is a PLC
— History of the PLC
— How to Choose a Controller
— PLC Hardware
— PLC Software
— Practical PLC Topics

Plus a collection of PLC application stories to see what others are doing with their PLCs to inspire you!

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Desiccant Breathers: A Front Line Defense in the War on Contamination

descasewhiteAre you changing your oil too often or having machine failures? Most companies are now realizing that maintaining clean oil is one of the best investments it can make, with contamination at the core of premature machinery failure and diminished lubricant life.

Gain a better understanding how a desiccant breather can be used as a first line of defense in preventing contaminants from ruining your equipment and what the right metrics are to show a return on your investment.

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deswhiteTaking Fluid Cleanliness to the Next Level With Permanent Offline Filtration

In recent years, portable filtration units, often referred to as filter carts, have become a common tool in the lubrication professional’s arsenal and there are many systems where occasional or condition-based filtration is the most economical solution. However, portable filtration is not always the best solution. While portable systems will always have their place, permanent solutions offer several benefits including better average fluid cleanliness and far fewer man-hours.

A new white paper from Des-Case Corporation highlights how permanently installed, 24/7 filtration units bring you one step closer to best practices for your lubrication program.

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OperationalExcellence-AssetMgmt---Prometheus-Group-1Operational Excellence through Enterprise Asset Management

Companies in asset-intensive industries intuitively know that enterprise asset management (EAM) is a cornerstone of operational excellence. Learn how an integrated approach to planning and scheduling that includes maintenance, production, and projects across the enterprise can help you progress from a reactive to a predictive organization, and ultimately achieve operational excellence.

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Are Your New Hires Prepared to Avoid the Hazards of Electricity?

By Ron Spataro, Director of Marketing, AVO Training Institute

As your workforce continues to turn over, are your new hires prepared to avoid the hazards of electricity?  As the older and experienced technicians leave the workforce, on the job training for new hires becomes a difficult proposition.  This knowledge base is growing smaller, so how are you going to teach the newcomers what they need to know in order to stay safe while maintaining your equipment?

This article takes a look at the impact of having untrained technicians and the questions you should be asking when determining whether or not your apprentice program is up to par.

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 Is It Just Reliability?

By Richard E. Wood, AVO Training Institute, Senior Consultant

There is more to a reliability program than just Preventative Maintenance (PM), Predictive Maintenance (PdM), and Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA). The resource that is often ignored is the training of maintenance technicians and engineers. A good training program enables the technician to quickly identify the failure and return the equipment to the process, as well as keep technicians and other workers safe.

Where does safety come in? A safe environment can be accomplished through the combined effects of reliability and training. Training employees with the necessary skills to work safely will always equate to a substantial return on the investment.

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 Learn How to Clean Tanks Faster and Lower Operating Costs

Automated tank cleaning offers many benefits – cleaner tanks, less downtime and improved worker safety. But selecting the best equipment for your operation can be challenging because not all tank cleaning nozzles are created equal. A new white paper from Spraying Systems Co. will show you how to reduce cleaning time, minimize chemical/water consumption and improve cleaning effectiveness while avoiding common problems like clogging. You’ll also learn about key factors that will allow you to compare the cost of ownership for different types of tank cleaning equipment.

Download this white paper now!

 Analyzing Electrical Hazards in the Workplace

By: Timothy L. Gauthier, Project Manager/ Senior Training Instructor AVO Training Institute
Dennis K. Neitzel, CPE, Director Emeritus- AVO Training Institute
Mark Ackerson, Senior Consultant- AVO Training Institute

When it comes to risk assessment, educating leadership on all of their available options is critical.

The need for analyzing electrical hazards in the workplace has been recognized by a small segment of the industry for many years. The petrochemical industry and many government institutions have performed research on this subject for over thirty years. For the most part, however, the user level of the electrical industry has largely ignored the subject, essentially reacting to catastrophic accidents rather than proactively trying to predict and prevent them. The Arc-Flash incident that completely destroyed the front of the electricians’ shirt, along with severely burning the electrician could have been prevented if management and the worker completely understood the electrical maintenance hazards.  This article will provide an overview of the three principle types of electrical maintenance hazards, along with a discussion of the standards and regulations pertaining to the subject.

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New Oil Filtration

By: Harvard Corporation

As surprising as it may seem, most new oils purchased today are not filtered before being sold. Yes, the new oil is refined, looks translucent and visually appears clean, but when viewed at a microscopic level it contains unwanted particles. In many cases, the filtered oil in the equipment being replaced has less unwanted particles than the new unfiltered oil being added during an oil change.

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Overall Vibration, Severity Levels and Crest Factor Plus

By: Fluke Corporation

Mechanical Vibration is a notoriously difficult subject matter to master. A quick glance at a textbook in the field shows that the advanced practitioner must master sophisticated concepts in mathematics and physics in order to accurately collect and interpret vibration data. This has caused a major problem for industrial plants—the benefits of a vibration testing program are well known, but far too many plants choose to avoid vibration testing because of the perceived complexity.

Fluke aims to solve this dilemma by developing easy to use vibration products that yield significant benefits without requiring advanced training by end-users. Fluke’s first vibration product, released in 2010, was the 810 Vibration Tester (see picture on next page). The 810 is a vibration spectrum analyzer that includes an automated diagnostic engine that identifies the four most common root causes of abnormal machinery vibration: misalignment, unbalance, looseness, and bearing faults. The 810 is dramatically easier to use than existing spectrum analyzers because the interpretation of frequency spectrum data is automated. The user simply sees a severity scale for each of the four faults listed above.

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Checking Voltage Frequency Ratio on Variable Speed Drives

By: Fluke Corporation

With their unique triggering and measuring functions, Fluke ScopeMeter 190 Series II portable oscilloscopes are ideal for analyzing the voltage-frequency ratio of pulse-width-modulated variable speed drives.

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Wireless Test Tools Can Cut Troubleshooting Time

By: Fluke Corporation

The automation of more and more processes and operations in today’s factories and commercial buildings is helping to reduce energy consumption and increase safety and productivity as never before. However, automation has also added a large dose of complexity for the technicians who maintain and troubleshoot the systems.

Learn how Fluke’s CNX 3000 Wireless system can help.


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