• Podcast: Compressors, Lubricants, and Energy Savings

    In this Efficient Plant podcast, John Sander, vice president of research & development at Lubrication Engineers discusses the role of lubricants in air-compressor performance, maintenance, and reliability and how choosing the optimum lubricant and doing proper maintenance can result in notable energy savings. The discussion looks at lubricant function and performance, the importance of using […]

  • Breaker Boosts Steel-Making Capabilities

    Innovative switching technology for electric-arc furnaces is increasing output while improving safety, efficiency, and reliability.   Steel is one of the world’s most innovative and essential materials. As demand has grown, so has the need for innovative techniques and technologies to boost output and increase safety, efficiency, and reliability within the steel industry. According to […]

  • Leverage Predictive Analytics For Motors

    The Internet of Things is improving countless operations in plants, including the way motor health is managed. By Jim Sanderson, Motion Industries and Thomas Schardt, Nidec Motor Corp. Predictive analytics, which uses existing data to identify patterns and predict future outcomes, offers substantial value in industrial settings. Manufacturers can use it, for example, to know […]


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Each month we talk with maintenance and technology professionals about their views and pressing problems on the factory floor.

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  • Asset Management: Evolution to Revolution

    Q: Asset management is changing rapidly. Where is it all headed? A: Maintenance and reliability concepts have been evolving for a long time with increasing complexity and capabilities. This is further complicated by global competition, the high number of trades/technicians leaving the workforce, changing business dynamics, and the ongoing need to improve culture.

  • My Time Is Not Your Time

    By Dr. Klaus M. Blache, Univ. of Tennessee Reliability & Maintainability Center (RMC) I recently returned from a business business trip involving a round-trip flight and a three-night hotel stay. On my way to work, I purchased a breakfast sandwich and coffee. Upon arriving at the office, I contacted the IT department for some assistance […]

  • Manage STO Risk

    By Drew D. Troyer, CRE, Contributing Editor A shutdown, turnaround, or outage (STO) is critical to plant reliability. A smooth one restores the plant’s reliability and enables trouble-free production until the next STO. A rough one sets the stage for a subsequent period of painful reactive maintenance, which can compromise reliability, productivity, quality, even safety […]

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  • Proximity Sensors

    The company’s line of inductive proximity sensors includes harsh-duty sensors and new standard-duty sensors with quadruple sensing ranges. Contrinex DW series 4-mm, 5-mm, 8-mm, and 12-mm-dia. round-body inductive proximity sensors have been added. The 8-mm and 12-mm- dia. models are available with quadruple sensing ranges. The 8-mm M8 sensor has a 4-mm (shielded) sensing distance […]

  • Air Gun for Small Diameters

    Model 1004SS M4 back-blow air nozzle has an array of holes to provide a forceful back-facing 360-deg. airflow to clear out coolant, chips, and light oils from machining processes. The nozzle prevents blowing chips further into a part, tube, or pipe and eliminates safety hazards created by blowing debris out the far end of a […]

  • Two-in-One Current/Voltage Tester

    The CTVT-45 is a two-in-one tester for current transformers (CTs) and voltage transformers (VTs) in the field or at the lab. The lightweight device performs basic and routine maintenance testing to keep instrument transformers operating safely and continuously, avoiding costly and unexpected shutdowns. Capable of testing knee voltages to 45 kV and as many as […]

  • Drain-Cleaning tool

    RIDGID FlexShaft drain-cleaning machine is said to deliver wall-to-wall clean in 1 1/4-in. to 4-in. pipes to 70 ft. The machine uses chain knockers that expand to the size of the pipe to clear the entire circumference. The knockers are connected to a flexible, nylon-sheathed cable housed in a fully enclosed drum and powered by […]

  • HD Handheld OGI Camera

    The GF620 high-definition (HD), handheld optical gas imaging (OGI) camera reportedly sets a new standard for detecting and visualizing invisible leaks of hydrocarbons, such as methane, and common volatile organic compounds (VOCs). With four times the pixels of previous models, the camera helps inspectors survey for fugitive hydrocarbon emissions from further, safer distances than possible […]

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