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Each month we talk with maintenance and technology professionals about their views and pressing problems on the factory floor.

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  • Scannable tape

      Duck Pro tape provides tapes and labels preprinted with scannable codes for organizing and tracking jobsite information. Powered by the BitRip app, BR Code is said to streamline workflow […]

  • Monitoring

      FieldGate SWG50 is a WirelessHART gateway primed for secure communication from field devices. The compact system is ready for Netilion integration while providing an easy-to-use solution for multiple standard […]

  • Odor control remote monitoring

      EcoLink online portal provides remote monitoring and control of odor-neutralization systems. Units can be managed remotely in the cloud with any device capable of hosting a web browser. Users […]

  • Containment control system

      Engineered to safely contain and control airborne particulate from sampling procedures, a containment-control system uses a downward flow of HEPA filtered air. Exhaust air exits through HEPA filters in […]

  • Air compressors

      Electric two-stage, vertical-tank stationary air compressors, for applications requiring greater pressure, provide 175 psi and displace between 9.1 and 43.6 cfm. Each of the line’s 16 models encompass a […]

  • Linear power supplies

      The IH series regulated open-frame power supplies are said to operate over a wide range of AC power sources. They reportedly maintain a constant output voltage, regardless of changes […]

  • Controllers

    Modules for the Productivity1000 PLC controllers include two high-resolution, four-channel analog input modules, supporting current (0 to 20 mA) or voltage (0 to 10 VDC) signals.

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