• Move To The Proactive Jungle

    Choosing lifestyle over pay has always been a characteristic of millennials and the pandemic has increased this tendency in all other generations. People are far less willing to accept dull, dirty, dark, and dangerous conditions for more pay. In fact, they often take jobs for significantly less pay to have predictable schedules, better hours, and […]

  • Use Accelerometers to Monitor Machines

    Accelerometers, in general, are the most common sensor type for measuring industrial vibrations, but you might wonder why there are so many options. A short and unsatisfying answer is that accelerometers are designed for precise measurements, and that design must account for a lot of variables to ensure the highest level of reliability. It’s important […]

  • Use Remote Monitoring To Promote Safety

    Remote work used to be largely seen as a perk, but the pandemic has made it a norm. Studies now suggest that most of the workforce will work remotely at least several days a month in the coming years. During the pandemic, nearly 60% of maintenance teams operated with skeleton crews on site or primarily […]

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  • Not All Digital Twins Created Equal

    Much more than a simple 3D CAD rendering, digital twins can significantly advance operational performance. By Mark Childs and Walt Ravelo, GE Digital A digital twin that provides value to the operating capability of a power plant must include physics and empirical-based modeling, product design information, operational data, and failure-based mechanisms. More than just a […]

  • Sustain Digital Transformation Momentum

    The connectivity solutions put in place during the pandemic are a strong foundation for improved plant reliability and sustainability well into the future. By Erik Lindhjem, Emerson Businesses needed to adapt more in the past few years than in the decades preceding. The global pandemic rocked the foundation upon which those businesses were built, and […]

  • Smart Maintenance Increases Uptime

    Digital technologies allow teams to take an informed approach to asset maintenance. By Brian Taylor, Rockwell Automation Nine of ten manufacturers now say digital transformation is important to their organization’s success. While digitalization can improve virtually any aspect of your operations—from throughput to quality to sustainability—perhaps no area has more potential for improvement than maintenance.  […]


Each month we talk with maintenance and technology professionals about their views and pressing problems on the factory floor.

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  • Machine Guard Standards Keep Workers Safe

    By Vince Plank, CSP, Safety Management Group Since the Industrial Revolution, employers and workers have used new resources to perform more work with less physical effort. These resources include energy sources, mechanical equipment, and machine tools. This equipment has provided more efficient methods of production but also exposed employees to hazardous motions and hazardous energy. […]

  • Who’s Going To Fix The Stuff?

    About thirty years ago a group of reliability and maintenance practitioners from various companies was discussing what a professional organization for maintenance and reliability should entail. That was the beginning of the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP, smrp.org). I remember many of these discussions being about how to raise the level of awareness […]

  • Motion Amplification: Seeing Is Believing

    By Dr. Klaus M. Blache, Univ. of Tennessee Reliability and Maintainability Center (RMC) and Dan Nower, P.E., RDI Technologies In more than forty years of industrial reliability and maintenance involvement, I’ve seen many predictive technologies go from crude (yet functional) to becoming a game changer. Motion Amplification is one of those. We’ve been using it […]

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  • Product Announcement: Complete Your Connected Circuit

    The connected circuit improves upon traditional pneumatic circuits by enabling components to digitally collect and transmit operational data. Through the use of technology such as sensors and switches, which can be installed in digitally enabled components from filter regulator lubricator to valve manifold to actuator, the connected circuit gathers information on aspects of system functionality […]

  • Cloud-Based Water Monitor

    Netilion Water Network Insights (NWNI) allows transparency for water networks around the clock by monitoring flow, pressure, temperature, level, water quality, and other measurements. The software service connects all levels of water-supply systems, empowering service providers and water associations to manage multiple control and data sources through a single interface. These sources include field devices, […]

  • CMMS

    The Azzier 8 CMMS includes a customer module that allows users to store and organize important customer/client data and interactions and add notes to different Azzier modules. Other enhancements include a Work Order Mileage Table and a search function that finds places with text fields, calculates the distance between two points, and checks the direction […]

  • Data harvesting

    Snap Signal reportedly captures data from nearly any industrial machine’s device and converts it to a common protocol, enabling an upgrade to Industry 4.0. The products can be used to build a brand-agnostic IIoT platform composed of modular hardware and software. The system is said to capture and convert machine signals and protocols, such as […]

  • HMI touch panel

    The HG2J series 7-in. touchscreen HMI uses projected capacitive touch panel (PCAP) technology to save space and reportedly improve performance. PCAP glass requires fewer layers than traditional analog resistive plastic films, and the self-capacitance technology is said to also prevent accidental input due to water droplets. More resistant to scratches, the material won’t turn yellow […]

  • Featured Product: Liquiphant From Endress + Hauser

    Vibronic instruments are widely used in the process industries. Available from multiple manufacturers, millions of these devices have been installed worldwide over the past few decades. While the basic technology of vibronic instruments hasn’t changed much over the years, today’s instruments now employ technological innovations to bring them into the digital age. Find out how […]

  • Device-Management Software

    The company’s device-management software is fully registered by FieldComm Group to support the Field Device Integration (FDI) standard. FDI registration will reduce the need for plants to support two different technologies to integrate and maintain field devices. Full FDI registration avoids the need for a patchwork of systems and devices that only support individual elements […]

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