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Each month we talk with maintenance and technology professionals about their views and pressing problems on the factory floor.

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  • Working With Local Schools

    By Jon Sillerud, Uponor North America Finding talent for a skilled workforce continues to be a challenge for most industries across the United States. Here’s a way to select from a moldable talent pool and give them a strong start at the beginning of their careers. Find the right partners Whether it’s a local high […]

  • Develop Continuous Improvement Muscle Memory

    Q : Is a Kaizen event or coaching kata best for continuous improvement? A : There are many tools available to perform continuous improvement, but the one that will make your facility most successful requires a process that enables the entire workforce to become problem solvers. To discuss this requires a few definitions/explanations.

  • Should You Benchmark?

    A benchmark is a standard or reference point against which things can be assessed. Probably the most used definition is that from Robert C. Camp (Business Process Benchmarking: Finding and Implementing Best Practices, ASQC, 1995). He stated, “benchmarking is the search for best practices that lead to superior performance.” He clarifies that benchmarking needs to […]

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Featured Posts

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  • Safety Light Curtains

    Safegate Type 4 access-control barrier safety light curtains provide protection in a wide range of applications requiring integration of the muting functions. The muting function temporarily disables the safety function when a workpiece or conveying pallette passes through the detection area of the curtains or safety sensors. The curtains have integrated muting functions with two […]

  • Compact flow meter

    The Rosemount 8800 Quad Vortex flow meter has quadruple sensors and transmitters to meet safety-integrity-level requirements. Using multiple independent sensors in an all-welded meter body, the unit provides a compact flow solution with built-in redundancies for added safety without introducing intentional leak points. The meter’s design allows a SIL3-capable solution and protects against spurious trips […]

  • 3D Metal Printing Produces Turbomachinery

    SupportFree capabilities allow an 80% reduction in build time. While it may take hundreds of parts to construct power-generation equipment, there are mission-critical components that can determine the performance of an entire system. Many of these highly optimized parts can be difficult to manufacture and present some of the greatest engineering challenges that high-tech companies […]

  • Clamp-on flow meters

    A series of clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters fasten on the outside of vertical or horizontal pipes ranging in size from 1/2 in. to 48 in. Housed in a water- and dust-tight NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure, the meters are compatible with a range of metal and plastic pipe materials and liquids including chemicals, viscous liquids, and […]

  • Location-awareness system

    Location Awareness is part of the Plantweb digital ecosystem that advances industrial safety to protect employees at refineries, chemical plants, and oil and gas platforms. The wireless personnel-location system offers companies an enhanced option to protect their most important asset—workers. Used for safety mustering and man-down events, the system gives managers a snapshot of employee […]

  • Accelerometer for limited space

    Model 630A91 triaxial ICP accelerometer, with a top-exit M12 connector, operates in space-constrained installations that require an ICP accelerometer with a vertical run of cable but do not have room for a 90-deg. turn from a straight connector. Features include the ability to take three simultaneous vibration measurements and a top-exit connector. It is available […]

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