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  • Leverage Data To Create Your Digital Plant

    These five steps will help you build an operation that leverages digital-twin and AI technologies. By Matthew Wells, GE Digital In today’s rapidly changing industrial landscape, companies must embrace digital transformation and create a digital plant to keep up with the pace of change, meet growing operations challenges, and remain competitive. The global pandemic has […]

  • Disrupt Existing Assets With Digital Twins

    Data-centric engineering and sharing project information in the cloud enable value-added digital-twin creation for successful capital maintenance and brownfield projects.

  • Integrate A CMS To Monitor Asset Health

    Advanced condition monitoring solutions reliably track asset performance and prevent costly downtime. By Luis Narvaez, Siemens Industry Staying competitive in today’s environment is challenging. It’s made more difficult as customers seek customized products at the prices of mass-produced goods. Furthermore, growing global ecological awareness and rising energy prices are motivating many companies to work toward […]


Each month we talk with maintenance and technology professionals about their views and pressing problems on the factory floor.

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  • Failure Codes Key To Problem Elimination

    Q: How important are failure codes? A: A better way to ask the question is, “What are failure codes doing for you?” The response would explain their current importance, but possibly not everything they should be doing for you. A failure code is basically an alphanumeric grouping that, in a concise way, depicts why the […]

  • Featured Podcast: Exploring the GA500 AC Microdrive

    The GA500 AC Microdrive, from Yaskawa America Inc., Waukegan, IL (yaskawa.com), is a durable, extremely versatile motor drive designed to simplify programming, installation, and ongoing use in a wide range of environments. Edward Tom, GA500 AC Microdrive Product Manager, describes the unit’s various features and discusses how it is designed to be an effective, versatile […]

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  • Educate for the Trades

    By Dr. Klaus M. Blache, Univ. of Tennessee Reliability and Maintainability Center (RMC) and Dr. Paul Kirkland, Grants Management, Monroe County Schools, TN Q: When should you start recruiting skilled trades/technicians? A: Many parents today are focused on sending their children to college as a measure of success. I’m all for a university education if […]

  • Keep Workers On Their Feet

    By Ryan Dobbins, CSP, CHST, CIT, CUSP Working from heights and the associated risk of falling are two of the most severe hazards to which industrial workers are routinely exposed during normal operations. The concerns with fall protection are often most notably discussed in a construction setting. In fact, fall hazards have been identified as […]

  • Root Cause Elimination Is A Winning Mindset

    The ASQ (American Society for Quality, Milwaukee, WI, asq.org), says, “A root cause is defined as a factor that caused a nonconformance and should be permanently eliminated through process improvement.” “The root cause is the core issue—the highest-level cause—that sets in motion the entire cause-and-effect reaction that ultimately leads to the problem(s). Root cause analysis […]

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  • Bust Nine Common Motor Myths

    Here are the facts about some of the things “they” say about motors and motor performance. By Thomas H. Bishop, P.E., EASA Inc. The tongue-in-check saying “If it’s in black and white, it must be right” is a helpful reminder that not everything we read (or hear) is accurate or complete. It’s always best to […]

  • Edge Systems Enable PdM In Legacy Systems

    Edge computing can add predictive maintenance and OEE analysis to existing discrete and hybrid manufacturing systems, creating cohesive insight-driven operations. By Rich Carpenter, Emerson New industrial-automation capital projects can easily incorporate the latest technologies for providing built-in remote monitoring and analytical functions. Often these features can be included for a negligible cost, especially in comparison […]

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Featured Posts

  • Build A System For Lubrication Success

    A quality system requires attention to several factors, anchored by the 5-Rs of lubrication. By Mark Barnes, PhD, CMRP, Des-Case Corp. In my May 2021 article, I talked about the need to hire, train, and empower quality lubrication technicians to establish successful lubrication practices. Without the right people skills, it is highly unlikely that lubrication […]

  • Certified Greases Advance Reliability

    Managing lubrication is a primary component of your critical-asset reliability strategy. Unfortunately, ensuring that assets receive correct lubricants at proper intervals is often in conflict with the organization’s desire to simplify lubricant selection and reduce inventory. Lubricating many of today’s assets can be rather involved, resulting in complex lubricant needs and maintenance practices. According to […]


  • Safety relay module

    HR6S safety relay module is a microcomputer-based device supporting a wide variety of connections, input devices, and operating modes while adding diagnostic and status monitoring. The module design meets ISO 13849 requirements, with one model for low-risk Safety Category 1 applications, and six models suitable for high-risk Safety Category 3 and 4 processes requiring redundancy. […]

  • Remote monitoring and control

    QCloudServer (QCS IIoT) system for remote monitoring and control applications provides connection to edge-source data, transmits it on-site or to the cloud, aggregates and logs data, performs calculations and analysis as needed, and delivers mobile/web visualization. The software reportedly connects with any user-supplied edge systems supporting MQTT. Quantum Automation Anaheim, CA quantumautomation.com

  • Handheld tachometers

    Three tachometers expand options for gathering condition-monitoring data. Models TKRT 21 and TKRT 31 are digital units, while the TKRT 25M is mechanical. All are compact, have large displays, and can be operated with one hand. The TKRT 21 uses laser or contact measurement to determine rotational and linear speeds, allowing measurement at a safe […]

  • Control valves

    Fisher V280 full-bore trunnion-mounted ball control valves for severe and specialty pressure, flow, and process-control applications, use a drive train to guide the shaft and absorb energy. Available attenuators for liquid and gas process fluids offer a solution for combatting the negative consequences of cavitation, such as vibration, erosion, and noise. Valve body connections are […]

  • Valve manifold

    The VTSA-F-CB (CB for C-Bus) pneumatic valve manifold offers serial communication that enables as many as three safety-shutdown groups per manifold. It is compatible with combinations of pilot air-control valves, soft-start exhaust valves, proportional valves, and vacuum generators. The C-Bus plug-and-play integration simplifies, speeds up, and lowers component costs when installing pneumatic safety circuits, which […]

  • Wireless transmitter

    RANGER is a battery- or solar-powered LTE-M transmitter that powers sensors and transmits their measurements over LTE-M cellular networks using the MQTT/Sparkplug messaging structure to bring data into a SignalFire cloud or an existing platform. New modules add capabilities for interfacing with HART & SDI-12 communication standards. The unit can power 15 HART devices when […]

  • Power converters

    The company has partnered with Yaskawa America to incorporate their VFD and digital single-phase converters within Single Phase engineered power systems to use application-specific parameters to deliver three-phase power from a single-phase utility. The partnership provides an IEEE 519-compliant product with a reported total harmonic distortion of less than 10%. Single Phase Power Solutions Cincinnati […]

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