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  • Magnetic Gripping, Clamping Solutions

    Magswitch switchable magnetic gripping and clamping solutions provide single-sided gripping systems with true on-and-off magnetic technology said to significantly simplify and lower costs of complete automation systems in OEM-assembled lines. Applications include robotic welding, pick-and-place, and body-in-white. Components integrate into the company’s electric and pneumatic automated-motion architecture. Festo Islandia, NY

  • Thermoplastic for Extreme Conditions

    Arlon 3000 XT thermoplastic for extreme conditions in oil and gas applications is said to deliver improved performance over other available materials. In dynamic mechanical analysis, it demonstrated a glass-transition temperature 35-deg. F higher than PEEK, and provided mechanical property retention from 350 F to 600 F. The material is said to withstand all common […]

  • Water Meter

    The Waterflux 3000 water meter is available in sizes from 1 to 24 in. When combined with the IFC 070 battery-powered converter electronics, the resulting model 3070 is an all-in-one meter with available integrated pressure and temperature sensor. The sensor allows the unit to be used for a variety of drinking-water network tasks. Krohne Inc. […]

  • Progressing Cavity Pump

    The NEMO BF progressing cavity pump, with an add-on asynchronous bridge preventing module (aBP-Module) prevents the formation of lumps that can cause bridge building in a sewage sludge-conveyance system. Designed for viscous media, the pump with the module eliminates high-media cohesiveness that can cause repeated entanglements and bridge building. The module uses a hopper extension […]

  • Extreme-Temperature Charge Accelerometers

    Six intrinsically safe (ATEX/CSA/IECEx), extreme-temperature charge accelerometers with a UHT-12 sensing element are available for applications including aviation/power generation turbine research & development and monitoring. Proprietary crystal technology sealed in a hermetic package provides long-term reliability. No pyroelectric output provides accurate low-frequency measurements. PCB Piezotronics Inc. Depew, NY

  • Safety Controller

    The SC10 series safety controller monitors safety devices on smaller machines with hazardous motion. The controller reportedly can replace the functionality of two or more safety relay modules. It has ten inputs, including four inputs that can be converted to outputs, and uses Automatic Terminal Optimization, which makes it possible to increase the number of […]

  • Air Dryer Line

    The RPC series energy-saving refrigerated air dryers removed liquid contamination from compressed air. An Energy Saving System transfers heat energy through a change of state. During the process, media temperature remains constant. Media state is monitored by a temperature probe that engages the compressor to power on or off according to varying inlet load profiles. […]

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