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  • Safety Relay Modules

    Dold UH6932 speed monitor relay modules have two PNP or NPN sensor inputs and two N.O. positively driven and two semiconductor monitoring outputs. The Dold UH6937 frequency-monitoring relay modules require no external sensors and provide two N.O. positively driven and two semiconductor outputs for monitoring. The relays provide overspeed, under speed, and/or standstill detection for […]

  • High-Performance Drive

    The GA800 variable-speed drive is said to provide a combination of power, ease of use, flexibility, and performance. Designed to control traditional and emerging motor technologies through 600 HP, the drive handles applications ranging from simple fans and pumps to high-performance test dynamometers requiring precise regulation. The unit provides highly flexible network communications, embedded functional […]

  • ECM Motor for Furnace Applications

    The Genteq Ensite motor is an electronically commutated motor (ECM) for furnace applications. It complies with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Fan Energy Rating (FER) regulatory requirements that take effect in July 2019. The motor features advanced Blak Box motor diagnostics technology, Electrand wand compatibility, and Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities that provide Internet of […]

  • Pump Condition-Monitoring Device

    The IN-1000 condition-monitoring device, for pumps in operationally critical and environmentally sensitive chemical engineering applications, accommodates one master and as many as 10 satellite modules/network. Built-in features include a two-level warning and alarm system, logging of sensor data, and remote monitoring with a smartphone app. It is available with ATEX certification for use in EX […]

  • Enhanced Ground Tester

    The DET2/3 earth/ground resistance tester includes an optional test lead reel that is said to dramatically reduce time and frustration for the operator. Designed to test communications and ground systems, the tester has a graphic display for better data analysis, excellent error detection capabilities, and a range of test frequencies to ensure noise protection. With […]

  • Air-Cooled Compressors

    The Ultima U75-160 series compressors are air cooled, oil free, and can be used for air and water cooling. Using heat recovery for process water heating, the unit reportedly allows collection and recovery for as much as 98% of generated heat. Gardner DenverQuincy,

  • Point-Level Switch

    The Nivector FTI26 point-level switch detects all types of powdered and fine-grained solids such as plastic granules, detergent, grain, sugar, spices, and other dry materials. The switch can be installed at the top of a tank to indicate high level, or at the bottom of a tank to indicate low level. The capacitance device fulfills […]

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