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  • Atomizing Spray Nozzle

    The 1/4 NPT FullStream liquid atomizing spray nozzle provides a full cone spray pattern for pressurized liquids. The tangential-flow design is vaneless, creating internal features to resist clogging while producing a uniform distribution in a round pattern with medium to large droplets. Right-angle design is compact and operates to 100 psig liquid pressure. The nozzles […]

  • Connected filtration service

    The iCue connected filtration service aids in getting ahead of potential dust-collection maintenance issues in a facility before they become disruptive. With real-time performance monitoring alerts and automated reporting capabilities, the iCue service helps users optimize collector efficiency, reduce unplanned downtime, and track compliance data. Donaldson Co. Minneapolis

  • Maintenance status app

    The Smartenance app, for smart phone, tablet, or desktop, connects maintenance plans and activity status. The vendor-neutral app uses a mobile maintenance calendar as an app for smartphone and tablets on the shop floor and a desktop web-browser interface for managing and documenting maintenance tasks in the office. The app is said to be simple, […]

  • Integrated AI

    Augmented reality (AR) technology is part of the Plantweb Optics asset-performance platform. The system provides enhanced access to real-time diagnostics and analytics and live remote assistance to workers maintaining and optimizing plant equipment. The software leverages artificial intelligence, machine-learning analytics, and data contextualization to add real-time visibility to plant reliability and operational performance. Unlike standalone […]

  • Air compressors

    A line of electric single-stage, horizontal-tank stationary air compressors includes 16 single-stage belt-driven models with cast-iron compressor pumps and powder-coated, ASME certified tanks. The largest models use 60- or 80-gal. tanks and provide 5 hp while displacing 27.8 or 28.7 cfm at 125 psi. Magnetic starters are standard on the larger units. Several horsepower and […]

  • Occupancy management

    An occupancy-management solution for the company’s Brickstream 3D Gen2 automates occupancy counting within high-traffic and capacity-limited areas. Supporting social-distancing guidelines, it provides organizations with a real-time capacity counting and display tool for multiple entries and exits. The product is platform agnostic with an integrated IoT architecture, which can be implemented within existing wi-fi access points, […]

  • AI smart app

    Insight OMI app introduces AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities into the AVEVA System Platform, formerly Wonderware, and leverages predictive early warning and automatic detection of unusual operational behavior. This provides users with early notification so they can quickly resolve issues before they become critical business problems such as unplanned downtime and production losses. A simple management […]

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