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Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 2.34.46 PMFactors that Make or Break Reliability Programs

The concept of Reliability and creating a Reliable Manufacturing Process is on everyone’s minds these days. Constrained budgets and fragile economies are driving many organizations to use reliability to realize more from their existing assets. However, improving reliability is not as simple as increasing asset performance.

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Improving reliability first requires understanding your current level of performance. Only then can you figure out how to improve that performance. Some questions that immediately come to mind:

— Do you know how you compare to your competition and your peers?
— Do you know your reliability weaknesses and why?
— Do you have an organizational structure that supports reliability?
— Do people in your organization even know what reliability is?

These are just a few of many questions that will determine if you have a chance of becoming more reliable.

Watch this webinar to acquire answers to these and other questions and to learn why some reliability journeys reach their goals and why other fail.

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  • Machine metrics

    The company’s system allows real-time machine monitoring and predictive-maintenance management from any mobile device or standalone workstation. Users can track key overall equipment efficiency (OEE) data points including utilization, uptime, downtime, and cycle times as well as built-in components that aid in scheduling and recording predictive-maintenance tasks and responsibilities. If preset thresholds are exceeded, users […]

  • IoT Remote Control Services Platform

    Flowserve Corp. Irving, TX, has introduced the Red Raven IoT service suite, designed to help production facilities remotely monitor assets, predict equipment failures, and take preventive measures to avoid disruptions. The platform supports any flow-control equipment, regardless of manufacturer, opening the door for companies to quickly realize the full benefits of IoT and predictive analytics […]

  • Safety Light Curtains

    Safegate Type 4 access-control barrier safety light curtains provide protection in a wide range of applications requiring integration of the muting functions. The muting function temporarily disables the safety function when a workpiece or conveying pallette passes through the detection area of the curtains or safety sensors. The curtains have integrated muting functions with two […]

  • Compact flow meter

    The Rosemount 8800 Quad Vortex flow meter has quadruple sensors and transmitters to meet safety-integrity-level requirements. Using multiple independent sensors in an all-welded meter body, the unit provides a compact flow solution with built-in redundancies for added safety without introducing intentional leak points. The meter’s design allows a SIL3-capable solution and protects against spurious trips […]

  • Comfort operator panel

    A line of 7 to 22-in. operator panels is part of the SIMATIC WinCC Unified System. Using glass fronts with multitouch technology, the Unified Comfort Panels are convenient to use. Sharp colors and contrast improve readability. Visualization on the devices is based on the SIMATIC WinCC Unified visualization system in TIA Portal and is suitable […]

  • 3D Metal Printing Produces Turbomachinery

    SupportFree capabilities allow an 80% reduction in build time. While it may take hundreds of parts to construct power-generation equipment, there are mission-critical components that can determine the performance of an entire system. Many of these highly optimized parts can be difficult to manufacture and present some of the greatest engineering challenges that high-tech companies […]

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