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Allied Reliability's TS-1x Remote Wireless Monitoring System

Remote, wireless condition monitoring for draglines, critical air handling units, industrial robotics, and overhead cranes. The TS-1x supports a wide variety of process monitoring options: vibration, temperature, pressure, and flow. Through online monitoring and data acquisition and management capabilities, the TS-1x system is a permanent solution for ongoing data collection for your most difficult and dangerous assets. For information on individual and multiple unit pricing, contact

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Leonova Diamond Portable Condition-Monitoring Instrument

Leonova Diamond® is a portable instrument for condition measurement in rough industrial surroundings. This heavy-duty yet sophisticated instrument brings powerful analysis and troubleshooting capabilities to your condition monitoring program. Wherever measuring route efficiency is a priority, Leonova Diamond is the perfect choice, providing a powerful combination of well-proven measuring techniques for every situation all in one instrument.

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Emerson’s CSI 2140 Machinery Health™ AnalyzerIntroducing the latest in vibration analysis technology – Emerson’s CSI 2140 Machinery Health™ Analyzer. The CSI 2140 delivers four-channel simultaneous data collection, wireless and Bluetooth communication, and full-color touchscreen navigation. It has the fastest route collection capability on the market, and is ergonomically designed for long hours in the field. Click here to view this product in motion.


  • Wireless Bearing Maintenance

      UE Systems, Elmsford, NY (, a developer of ultrasonic detection instruments and solutions for maintenance and reliability, has introduced the OnTrak Wireless system. This solution actively prevents failures through […]

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    M12 connectable audible, visual, combination, and stacklights save time & money on installation. Pfannenberg, Inc., Lancaser, NY (, a global manufacturer of thermal management and signaling technologies, announces that their […]

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  • Automation Architecture

    Boundless Automation is the foundation of the company’s next-generation, software-centric automation architecture said to create a more advanced automation platform that contextualizes and democratizes data for people and artificial intelligence […]

  • Fume hood

    Torit fume hood for robotic and manual welding applications is low-profile to allow a more flexible installation than traditional canopy-style hoods. When paired with the optional weld curtains, it can […]

  • Flexible split conduit

    Murrplastik EWT-PA series flexible, non-metallic, two-piece split conduit reportedly provides a solution for routing pre-terminated cables, eliminating the need to dismantle/reassemble the installed connectors. The conduit consists of dual overlapping […]

  • Thermography cameras

    E5 Pro and E6 Pro cameras have a 3.5-in. touchscreen display with access to the company’s Ignite Cloud connectivity with point-and-shoot, pistol-grip form. For close-up, professional-grade mechanical, building, and electrical […]

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