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PODCAST: Use A Service For Your Condition Monitoring

Gary Parr | March 13, 2024

Erich Fassbinder
Senior Condition Monitoring Engineer

It’s well established that an effective condition-monitoring program can significantly raise your asset reliability and efficiency to world-class levels. The result will be greatly reduced maintenance costs, extended asset life, and improved production and product quality. But, implementing a condition-monitoring program internally can be a daunting task. An option that may better fit your operation is to use a condition-monitoring-as-a-service provider.

To learn more about how this works, we talked with Erich Fassbinder, Senior Condition Monitoring Engineer, at AssetWatch, Westerville, OH ( In our conversation, we explore the pros and cons of condition monitoring in general. Erich then takes us through the process of evaluating a condition monitoring service, describing the foundation that needs to be in place and then how a company, such as AssetWatch, helps set up sensors, collects and analyzes data, and provides the feedback that is needed to improve asset reliability.

This podcast is sponsored by AssetWatch, provider of an end-to-end condition-monitoring solution that combines vibration, temperature, and oil analysis in one platform for a holistic asset health view, detecting issues that a single technique might miss. AssetWatch provides the tools and expertise needed to eliminate downtime, optimize resources, and decrease maintenance costs. Learn more at



Gary Parr

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