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Kathy | July 1, 2008

0708_armstrongWireless Steam Trap Monitoring

Armstrong Smart Services Group offers the SteamEye® Starter Kit for trial of wireless steam trap monitoring or expansion of operations to include additional traps. The SteamEye system provides updates every three minutes and can detect both “failed open” or “failed closed” traps. The starter kit contains all components required to begin wirelessly monitoring critical applications, including four SteamEye URFC4700 transmitters, one SteamEye 4000 Series Gateway and one SteamEye 4000 Series repeater.

Armstrong International, Inc.
Three Rivers, MI

0708_baldorEnergy-Efficient Gearmotors

Baldor has introduced the Dodge QUANTIS GOLD, an energy-efficient C-face gearmotor that combines Dodge QUANTIS ILH (In-Line Helical) and RHB (Right Angle Helical Bevel) C-face gearmotors with Baldor•Reliance Super-E Premium Efficient Motors. QUANTIS ILH and RHB reducers are engineered for flexibility and greater torque density in a compact housing. Both feature NEMA clamp-collar design, foot mounted housing configurations, standard inch output shafts, nitrile input and output lip seals, A1 mounting and Mobilegear 600 XP 220 oil. Super-E Premium Efficient Motors offer 1800 rpm, 60 Hz, with voltages ranging from 230V to 460. Inverter-capable, they’re suitable for use on inverter drives in variable torque and 20:1 constant torque applications. Motor and gearbox combinations up to 10 hp are pre-selected.

Baldor Electric Company
Fort Smith, AR


0708_smith_flowValve Interlocks Reduce Errors

Smith Flow Conontrol’s (SFC) valve interlocks systems control the sequence that process equipment is accessed and operated. The SFC QL interlock fits all types of lever-operated quarter-turn valves, including ball, butterfly and plug. The GL interlock is made for handwheel-operated valves including gate, globe and gear-operated units. The DL3 interlock, made specifically for pigtrap/pressure applications, is adaptable to all types of vessel or access closures. Constructed of stainless steel, all of these products are lubricated for life.

Smith Flow Control USA
Erlanger, KY

0708_wright_toolBolting Made Easy

Wright Tool’s line of torque multipliers includes three styles: universal tube, plate reaction and foot reaction. These tools range in output capacity from 750 to 8000 foot-pounds. Their compact, rugged, one-piece design is easy to handle and, according to the company, operators rarely need to apply more than 200 footpounds of input torque to achieve their output goal. A torque conversion chart is attached to each of these multipliers to show the input torque required for any given torque output.

Wright Tool Company
Barberton, OH

0708_electro_staticBearing Protection

Electro Static offers two AEGIS SGR Split-Ring Bearing Protection Kits™ (one for NEMA motors and one for IEC motors). They’re designed to provide clearance for shaft shoulders, slingers and other endbell protrusions while k e e p i n g b e a r i n g s safe from e l e c t r i c a l damage caused by circulating or shaft currents. Split-Ring Kits are ordered by motor frame size. Standard-size kits fit NEMA-frame motors with shaft diameters from 0.625″ to 3.375″ and IEC-frame motors with shaft diameters from 19mm to 95mm.

Electro Static Technology
Mechanic Falls, ME

0708_automationUniversally Interchangeable Worm Gearboxes

has expanded its mechanical power transmission product line to include worm gearboxes in four frame sizes and six gear ratios from 5:1 to 60:1. Constructed of cast iron one-piece housings, the IronHorse™ worm gearboxes feature a C-flange input and carbon steel shaft with either right-hand or dual shaft output and double-lipped embedded oil seals to prevent leakage. Designed to change drive direction by 90 degrees, these products are mountable in any direction, except motor pointing up. The universally interchangeable compact design ensures easy OEM replacement.

Cumming, GA

0708_tricoLubricant Identification Tags

Trico’s Spectrum tags and labels help users avoid lubricant cross-contamination and misapplication by identifying lubricants from storage to point of use. Available in 10 colors, the tags are easily marked with up to four lines of information using a felt tip marker, crayon or Spectrum customized label and then sealed beneath a laminate sheet to maintain readability. Optional barcoding also can be added. The tags are made of 1/16″ UV inhibited plastic and designed to withstand harsh environments.

Trico Corporation
Pewaukee, WI






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