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EP Editorial Staff | February 6, 2024


UE Systems, Elmsford, NY (, a developer of ultrasonic detection instruments and solutions for maintenance and reliability, has introduced the OnTrak Wireless system. This solution actively prevents failures through precision autonomous lubrication, which addresses lubrication-related issues that account for a significant portion of premature bearing failures.

According to Blair Fraser, Vice President of Business and Technology Development, “Beyond merely monitoring for defects, the OnTrak Wireless system proactively prevents them, leveraging autonomous precision lubrication. Considering that lubrication issues are implicated in up to 80% of premature bearing failures, this technology is a game-changer.”

The OnTrak Wireless system integrates the 950BT wireless sensor, which combines ultrasound, vibration, speed, and temperature monitoring, into a single unit. This multifaceted approach to asset monitoring not only identifies but actively prevents the most common causes of bearing failure.

“Our ultrasound-first strategy is elevated by the inclusion of vibration and temperature metrics,” Fraser added. “The 950BT sensor is unmatched in its ability to detect and prevent asset defects, offering a new level of confidence in bearing health assessments.”

The OnTrak Wireless system is powered by UE Insights, an AI-driven platform that offers adaptable, browser-based visualizations for any asset. With its advanced anomaly detection, UE Insights empowers users to identify and address unusual operational patterns before they lead to failures.

For more information about UE Systems and the OnTrak Wireless system, click here.


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