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EP Editorial Staff | June 10, 2010

New products to consider from the Capacity Assurance Marketplace.


Dual-Range Torque Measurement

The MCRT® 79700V dual-range torquemeters from S. Himmelstein have two ranges with independent outputs, eliminating the cost and inconvenience of swapping between two or more conventional torquemeters when production is switched between different products. The product accurately measures torque even if the ratio of peak to average is high.

S. Himmelstein and Co.
Chicago, IL

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Browser-Based 4th-Generation CMMS

MPulse announces the release of MPulse v7™, its fourth-generation CMMS. The product is 100% browser-based with no client application software to install, and is built using Microsoft.Net® as its foundation. Customers can deploy the software internally within their Intranet or via MPulse’s Application Hosting Service. The products in this upgrade include MPulse Gold™, WorkFlow™ R, WorkFlow™ W, WorkFlow™M and MobileWorks™.


MPulse Maintenance Software
A division of SpecTech, Inc.
Eugene, OR

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Expanded Hand-Tool Line

Danaher’s GearWrench® business has expanded its industrial hand-tool line with more than 700 new products. Designed to minimize downtime and improve productivity, the offering now includes socket sets, ratchets, accessories, impact sockets, pliers and wrenches. The company also has introduced an industrial-strength tool-storage series. The entire industrial line, including pry bars, torque wrenches, screwdrivers and nut drivers, is available in metric and SAE sizes, through distributors and mobile tool dealers.

A division of Danaher Tool Group
Baltimore, MD

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06market2Certifiable-Performance Air Filters

According to Hankinson, its Next Generation air filters provide certifiable performance, high reliability and energy savings. The new line features five element grades for flows of 20 to 1500 scfm (34-2549 nm3/h). Tested and rated to ISO12500 standards, the product meet ISO 8573.1: 2009 Air Quality Standards. The company also notes that filters lower pressure drop by nearly 50%, thus reducing the overall cost of ownership.

A division of SPX
Ocala, FL

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06market3Efficient, Robust Motors

Toolmex Elektrimax® Premium Efficiency General Purpose (GP) motors meet NEMA Premium Efficiency requirements as outlined in the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. Offered in sizes ranging from 1-250 hp, they incorporate oversized bearings on both drive ends for added endurance. These motors’ cast-iron construction pro-tects them from cracks. Their oversized junction boxes provide plenty of space for connections.

Toolmex Corp.
Schaumburg, IL

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06market4Alternative To Standard Oil Sight Windows

Esco says that the standard sight win-dows on oil reservoirs make it difficult to view oil levels, stain easily and often must be replaced. To address those problems, the company now offers a replacement sight window plug called the 3-D BullsEye. It’s a clear cylinder made from a solid piece of acrylic, with threading on one end and a rounded polished end for easier viewing of the oil on the other. NPT sizes of ½”, ¾”, 1″, 1 ¼”, 1 ½” and 2″ are available.

Esco Products, Inc.
Houston, TX

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06market5Outdoor Backup Power Solutions

Tycon Power Systems’ UPSPro™ line of power-supply systems is designed for applications that require a backup power source to maintain uninterrupted service or a primary low-power source in a remote location. System enclosures have multiple ports for CAT5 cable, antenna cables/connectors or other cabling. Units optionally feature SolarAssist™, an integrated solar panel mounted directly to the enclosure cover. Multiple configurations are available for 12V or 24V systems with various battery-storage capacities.

Tycon Power Systems
Draper, UT

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06market6Multi-Tasking, Field-Portable Electric Testing Instrument

Baker notes that its Advanced Winding Analyzer (AWA) is the only tester on the market that supports all of the major electric tests, both automatically programmed and manual, in a single field-portable unit. It performs tests and stores results while continuously monitoring voltage levels. If an insulation weakness is detected, the test is interrupted, the operator alerted and test parameters at the time of interruption reported within microseconds.

Baker Instrument Co.
An SKF Group Company
Fort Collins, CO

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06market7Low-Maintenance Particulate Monitor

The EM 30LGX baghouse monitor, filter leak detector and cyclone overflow detector from FilterSense incorporate a nearly maintenance-free particulate-flow sensing technology. Users simply apply power and begin assessing filter con-dition. For straightforward alarm setup, the display supplies both a logarithmic analog bar graph and an absolute digital readout. Outputs include dual relays and a 4-20mA for
PLC connection.

Beverly, MA

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06market8Durable Process Gauge

The new XSEL™ process gauge from WIKA Instrument incorporates a Bourdon tube design with stress-reducing features and a rugged Swiss-made movement with hardened components. Additional standard features include overload/underload protection, a socket restrictor, a stop pin at the six-o’clock position and a solid front/blow-out back safety case design. All XSEL process gauges comply with pressure gauge standards ASME B40.100 and EN 837-1.

WIKA Instrument Corp.
Lawrenceville, GA

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Online Mechanical Seal Management

EagleBurgmann has introduced SEPROnet, an online seal-management program built on the company’s own in-house service software program. Now, instead of depending on Excel spreadsheets for seal-data documentation, end-users can access SEPROnet in real-time from any Web browser and view the status of a site’s entire mechanical seal population. Featuring an easy-to-use navigation interface and an extensive range of customizable evaluations and reports, the software can help a site maintain crucial production schedules and streamline maintenance, while minimizing parts inventory and related costs. Among other things, it automatically generates fault reports through e-mail alerts; furnishes statistical analyses of failures and details of damage; documents retrofits and technical upgrades; offers monitoring of repair costs; builds audit trails for improvement processes; and provides recommendations for preventive maintenance, as well as trending to identify problems before they occur.

Houston, TX

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06market9Control Troublesome Oil Mist And Fumes

JLM Systems’ Oilmiser™ Vapor Guard (OVG) is designed for machinery like gearboxes and bearing housings that are vented to atmosphere. Under continuous operation and high working loads, oil mist and fumes build up in the air space above the oil. Temperature changes and thermal expansion cause these fumes to exhaust into the workplace and also bring in outside air through the same vent. The OVG helps prevent the serious housekeeping and mechanical problems associated with this situation by way of a central diffuser post inside a sealed aluminum containment chamber. Migrating vapors are dispersed inside the chamber and condensed back into liquid oil that collects at the bottom of the unit. From here, recovered and uncontaminated lube oil is channeled through bleed-back holes into the gearbox, where it continues to lubricate.

JLM Systems Ltd.
Richmond, BC

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Biodegradable Cleaner, Degreaser

Kafko’s Oil Eater Original is a water-based, biodegradable cleaner and degreaser that eliminates the need for multiple cleaning solutions. Non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-flammable, this low-VOC cleaner cuts through oil, grease, carbon, sludge and dirt, encapsulating them into a solution that rinses off easily and leaves no residue. Harmless to the skin, it’s effective on equipment, shafts, bearings, housings, tools and other surfaces. It can also be used in parts washers and pressure-washing systems.

Kafko International
Skokie, IL

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06market10Limit Switches Reduce Tampering

Eaton’s LS-Titan™ safety-rated limit switches are engineered to limit the potential for tampering with equipment safeguards. More than 100 switch models are offered, providing a solution for packaging, material-handling and OEM applications. Items include safety limit switches and safety interlock switches, as well as what the company says is the first electronic safety position switch.

Eaton Corp.
Pittsburgh, PA

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