The Corporate Report 2011: Fastenal

EP Editorial Staff | March 23, 2012

1211CRFastenalWhen you install a traditional industrial vending machine, you get a machine (often a very expensive one). But when you implement a FAST Solution, you get a complete inventory-control solution—with no capital expense.

The key is local Fastenal store service. Your local store team provides the machine, keeps it filled and makes sure it’s driving the right results for your business.

The FAST Solutions℠ Advantage


Today, Fastenal’s FAST Solutions are helping thousands of companies reduce consumption, inventory and downtime. Access to product is controlled by employee ID card or PIN code, allowing you to limit who can vend what and how much. Using the web-based software, you can track usage by individual as well as job, group and other meaningful data. You only pay for dispensed items, and when stock runs low the local Fastenal store receives an automated alert to come out and refill the machine. For you, this means no inventory carrying costs, no stock-outs, no P.O.s, and no need to take time away from your day to manage inventory.

The FAST Solutions Lineup

All FAST Solutions are powered by the same system and backed by the same full-service program, but each is designed to meet specific product needs. With a growing lineup of automated supply technology, Fastenal’s mission is to provide the right solution to the right customer.

FAST 5000℠: Our flagship machine can be custom-configured to meet a vast range of customer needs – from safety and maintenance products to welding, cutting and even office supplies.

FAST Auto Locker Set: The FAST 5000 can be equipped with an optional Auto Locker set to vend larger products and automate check-out/check-in functions for non-consumable items (like power tools or gauging) which need to be assigned to users and returned. Available in 12-door or 3-door options.

FAST 2000CT℠ and FAST 4000CT℠:  Our cutting-tool machines dispense and track inserts and round tools, either individually or in custom quantities. Their low cost and compact size make it cost-effective to install multiple units throughout the shop, essentially bringing the tool crib to the point of use.

*New* FAST 3000: This new solution offers the same capabilities as the FAST 5000, but with a more compact footprint.

Guided by our company motto of “Growth Through Customer Service,” Fastenal will continue to bring the latest industrial vending technology to the marketplace. To learn more about Fastenal Solutions, call your local Fastenal store or visit




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