The Corporate Report 2013: NSK Corporation

EP Editorial Staff | November 26, 2013

NSK’s Asset Improvement Program (AIP) provides real answers to real problems. Our AIP program is not a disguised attempt to sell you so-called “solutions”; it is in fact, a well-proven platform that combines your own knowledge of the working environment, culture, processes and problems in your business, with the engineering expertise and innovation of NSK.  Our solutions are quantifiable and measureable in terms of lowered costs, increased efficiencies, and reduced downtime; resulting in increased profitability.

What makes NSK’s AIP program different and more successful is the close working dialogue we have with our clients to identify and understand the problems that affect them, as well as the impact of these problems on their business financially. We are committed to helping solve problems that are costing you valuable time and money, by offering you a real opportunity to unlock additional profitability through improved machine reliability and increased working knowledge.

Our AIP program works with you through a structured, pre-planned approach called the AIP Value Cycle. The Value Cycle consists of five stages: Situational Analysis, Value Proposition, Value Implementation, Value Measurement and Shared Best Practice. NSK progressively works with you at every stage of the AIP Value Cycle to help you see the potential savings available and ensures that you achieve the stated benefits.

For more information on how NSK’s AIP Program can benefit your company, including real-world industry success stories, click here.


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