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Each month we talk with maintenance and technology professionals about their views and pressing problems on the factory floor.

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  • Conveyor-belt cleaners

      The DT2S and DT2H reversible conveyor-belt cleaners are said to reduce system downtime and labor for cleanup or service, while helping prolong the service life of other conveyor components. […]

  • Condition monitoring

      OPTIFY condition-monitoring platform provides remote management of operations in real time. The system integrates with the company’s IIoT sensor and gateway products and can be accessed through the web […]

  • Machine Visualization Solution

      PACSystems RXi HMI machine visualization solution is said to help users overcome the limitations of lower budgets, fewer people, and higher productivity demands. The interface uses smartphone-like graphical displays. […]

  • Handheld sensors

      Memosens CPL53E, CPL57E, CPL59E, COL37E, and CLL47E liquid analytical sensors join the CPL51E to provide measurement, easy operation, and enhanced good laboratory practice (GLP). The sensors support data and […]

  • Conveyor system

      FlexExtend is a flexible gravity conveying system with self-tracking skate wheels. The system is designed for low- to medium-volume, multi-sized conveyance operations. Said to be a high-flow product, it […]

  • Machine-learning support

      The company has expanded its efforts to integrate machine-learning algorithms into its applications. The improvements will reportedly allow organizations to “operationalize” their data-science investments, and open source and third-party […]

  • Compact limit switches

      Schmersal compact limit switches provide a solution for a variety of object-detection applications. Their small size allows reported easy installation in confined spaces. The switches have a 31-mm body […]

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