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EP Editorial Staff | May 7, 2024

Improve bearing/asset performance with the information included in three free download guides from Emerson Bearings.

These three free guides will help you get better bearing performance and longer life.

Emerson Bearing, Boston ( shares their expert knowledge with three complimentary guides designed to help original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) professionals prevent industrial processes and/or machinery from experiencing downtime.

The three complimentary guides cover all the bases:

• The Increase Bearing Service Life and Optimize Performance guide addresses common bearing hazards in today’s industrial environment, best practices that protect bearings, and how to extend bearing service life.

• Bearings for Use in Severe Environments deals with environments in which bearings are statistically more likely to fail. The guide explores common severe environments such as high temperatures, chemical corrosion, and high speed. This guide outlines the types of bearings to use in these and other severe environments.

• Bearing Maintenance Guide focuses on preventing bearing failure and maximizing longevity through proper maintenance. It provides tips and steps to take to avoid preventable conditions and implement best practices that will maximize bearing efficiency. The guide also covers overall handling and storage guidelines, protection tips for each type of bearing, and resources that will help detect initial signs of bearing failure.

The complimentary guides are available for download at


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