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EP Editorial Staff | July 1, 2007

Pump-Operated Piston Bins

0707_problemsolvers_img1Assmann’s 400-gallon polyethylene, non-pressure piston bins are ideal for transporting and storing viscous products up to 500,000 centipoise. They function via a pump operated system that both fills and discharges through a 3″ bottom valve. Materials are protected from air, moisture, dirt and other contamination in the bin with the use of a sealed and closed-looped system. The products incorporate a durable design, forklift pockets and reusable containers.

Assmann Corporation 
Garrett, IN


Food & Pharma Grease

0707_problemsolvers_img3CRC Industries has added Food Grade White Grease for food and pharmaceutical processing applications to its line of NSF Registered products. According to the manufacturer, this high-purity, high-quality synthetic provides advanced lubrication and durability, while protecting against rust, oxidation and wear. Resistant to water, salt spray and detergent, it’s suitable for use in temperatures ranging from 0 to 450 F.

CRC Industries Inc.
Warminster, PA


Metalworking Product Catalog

0707_problemsolvers_img2E&R Industrial offers a new master catalog covering over 100,000 MRO and production metalworking products from more than 500 manufacturers. Product categories include cutting tools, abrasives, precision tools, hand and power tools, lubrication, MRO items, machinery and safety supplies.

E&R Industrial 
Sterling Heights, MI




Lube Storage & Dispensing

0707_problemsolvers_img4LubeRite™ Storage and Dispensing Containers from JustRite protect lube oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils, motor oils and coolants from contamination and spills that can lead to machinery downtime. Fully sealed, these containers are available in pump and pouring applications. Pouring applications come in 2-, 5- or 10- quart drums, while pump applications are available in 5- or 10-quart drums. These durable products feature quick fill ports, flip-switch activated breather vents and color-coded identification systems.

JustRite Mfg. Co. L.L.C. 
Des Plaines, IL


Multi-Use Wind Power Lubricant

0707_problemsolvers_img5Klüberplex BEM 41-141 from Klüber has been formulated to reduce the use of multiple greases in wind power stations. It uses one special base oil mixture along with a package of additives to overcome the differing demands of individual bearing lubrication points that are prominent in wind power applications. This new lubricant is suited for use on main bearings, generator bearings and pitch and azimuth bearings, all of which are subjected to high stress conditions. Klüber Lubrication

North America L.P. 
Londonderry, NH




Severe Environment Lubrication

0707_problemsolvers_img6The line of Permatex® brand Anti-Seize Lubricants from ITW Devcon are designed for the harshest industrial environments. The lubricants reduce wrench torque and help protect mated metal parts against corrosion, rusting, galling, friction and seizing. The line includes Permatex Anti-Seize Lubricant, Permatex Copper Anti-Seize Lubricant, Permatex Food Grade Anti-Seize Lubricant and Permatex Nickel Anti-Seize Lubricant. Each lubricant can withstand a wide range of temperatures, up to a maximum of 2400 F in the case of the nickel formula.

ITW Devcon
Danvers, MA


Preserving Stored Equipment

0707_problemsolvers_img7Royal Purple’s new VP Preservative Oil helps prevent rust and corrosion in stored equipment such as engines, gearboxes and other closed systems. Protection from this vapor phase preservative formulation lasts up to one year or more, depending upon how well sealed the closed system is and how much temperature- induced “breathing” occurs. Additionally, vapors from the oil form a monomolecular layer on all metal surfaces for further protection. VP Preservative Oil is available in 5-gal. pails and 55-gal. drums.

Royal Purple
Porter, TX


Oil Filter Crusher

0707_problemsolvers_img8According to Newstripe, its FilterFlat oil filter crusher reduces the cost of filter disposal by up to 80%. After a simple installation and connection to shop air, the economical product converts used oil filters from EPA hazardous material into recyclable metal and oil. And the process takes only 40 to 60 seconds. With a crushing force of 24,000 pounds, this product can handle filters up to 9″ tall and 6.375″ wide.

Newstripe, Inc. 
Aurora, CO




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