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EP Editorial Staff | September 1, 2008

ext-Generation Turbine Oils
ConocoPhillips has introduced its next-generation Diamond Class™ Turbine Oil to meet the complex performance demands of power plant gas turbines. According to the manufacturer, this highly advanced turbine oil, a tribranded offering featuring the Conoco, 76 Lubricants and Phillips 66 brands, is formulated from exclusive ConocoPhillips hydrocracked base stocks and offered in three different viscosity grades—32, 46 and 68—to provide significant varnish protection. Gas turbines operate at temperatures as high as 500 F, which can quickly break down oils and produce corrosive acid and sludge build-up. This, in turn, could lead to increased maintenance costs for plant operators. The higher oxidative stability and varnish protection these new Diamond Class Turbine Oils provide directly correlates to a cost savings through reduced maintenance activities. (Editor’s Note: A ConocoPhillips spokesperson points to 35,000 hours of laboratory testing with no varnish deposits as confirmation of this enhanced durability of this next-generation turbine oil product.) Diamond Class Turbine Oil is filtered to an ISO Cleanliness Code of 18/16/13 for use in circulating systems with tight tolerances where particle contamination can cause operational problems.

Houston, TX

Advanced Food Grade Technology

Inolex’s new line of ester-based H1 lubricants remain stable when operating temperatures reach up to 550 F, eliminating the need to use multiple lubricants along a production line. The Lexolube® FG-OCL product series remains liquid after long exposure to high temperatures and, according to the company, shows minimal evaporation or deposits. Lexolube® FG-OCL series can be used in many medium- to high-temperature applications, and most significantly in the lubrication of conveyor chains for baking ovens.

Inolex Chemical Company 
Philadelphia, PA




High-Viscosity Drum Pumps 
The FPUD500 series of high viscosity drum pumps from OMEGA Engineering comes with TEFC or air driven motors and has the ability to empty a variety of containers in numerous applications. The pump tubes are constructed modularly and supplied separately for maximum flexibility. This series of pump tubes is rated up to 200 F, 15,000 cps viscosity and 1.8 specific gravity. It is also available in 316SS or sanitary polished 316SS.

OMEGA Engineering Inc. 
Stamford, CT




New Thermal Imager Allows Complete Radiographic Measurement Of Processes 
LumaSense has announced the release of its new Mikron MCL-160 thermal imaging camera. This cost-effective, fast-response product is well suited for environments where quick, accurate temperature measurement is required of fast-moving targets, such as high-volume manufacturing processes. With the flexibility that the MCL-160 offers, users no longer have to rely on just a single-point temperature or questionable measurements to control their critical processes. Process control in many applications typically means measuring a single point temperature and applying control that is based on only one data point. That data point may or may not be the critical parameter needed. This means that something can be missed. Another option would be to install several (and sometimes even hundreds) of pyrometers on the process to understand what is going on. The new Mikron MCL-160, though, allows for complete radiometric measurement of the process.


1008_problem_img2Stainless Bearing Alternative 
Made from high nitrogen corrosion resistant steel, MRC® “HNCR” steel bearings have superior corrosion resistance and fatigue life compared to conventional stainless steel bearings. They offer an ideal specialty solution in the aftermarket for equipment operating in excessively harsh and demanding conditions, including food and beverage processing equipment, paper mill machinery and industrial pumps. The bearings are available as custom, made-to-order products.

Kulpsville, PA


Plant Asset Protection 
The SmartSignal Plant Availability and Performance Solution (APS) predicts, diagnoses and prioritizes equipment failures. SmartSignal advanced asset analytics develop unique operating profiles for critical equipment across all known loads and ambient conditions. After linking to a plant’s data infrastructure, the solution analyzes the data and delivers an informationrich portfolio of reports and real-time notifications of impending problems that mesh closely with a plant’s O&M processes. Through its Internet collaboration features, SmartSignal works with plant personnel until the problems are investigated and resolved.

SmartSignal Corporation 
Lisle, IL




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