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EP Editorial Staff | May 13, 2009

Maintenance Technology is a BPA audited publication. The latest BPA Statement can be downloaded here. (PDF, 128K).

Circulation Audits are and should be a fundamental tool for effective Publication/Media evaluation. Independent circulation audits not only verify total circulation figures, they also provides detailed audience information.

Maintenance Technology’s BPA Statement provides:

  • Verification of reader/buyer and Industry (SIC)
  • Verification of occupation/job function (Plant Mgr. Maintenance/Reliability Engineer, …)
  • Geographic area of recipient
  • Source of the recipient names (Personal Direct Request, Request From Company, …)
  • When the request for the publication was received (1 yr. – with in the last 11 months, 2 yr. – with in the last 23 months). Maintenance Technology does not have any 3 yr.

Audits ensure the credibility of a publication’s circulation. This credibility, in turn, offers advertisers bottom-line accountability for their buying decision. As an Audited publication, Maintenance Technology invests in its advertisers and takes their business very seriously. There’s no reason to settle for anything less.

Maintenance Technology quantifies and qualifies more than 52,000 key decision-makers by title, function, management level and industry.

  • They serve as managers, engineers and supervisors in: Pulp & Paper; Electric Power Generation; Food & Beverage; Automotive; Chemicals & Petrochemicals; Electronic & Electrical Equipment; Manufacturing; Pharmaceuticals; Government & Military; Water & Wastewater; Hospitals; Mining; Utilities and Major Facilities.
  • They have averaged annual personal budgets of more than $5.2 million and average annual maintenance and reliability budgets of more than $14.2 million.
  • They have personal administration and training responsibilities for 28+ people and buying/specifying authority for equipment, materials, instrumentation, software and contract services.

Maintenance Technology’s 52,000+ decision-maker readers influence or control:

  • Capital projects—90.4%*
  • Plant improvement—96%*
  • Productivity improvements—93%*
  • Plant asset management—92.5%*
  • Outsourcing—84.6%*

*Source: Rockwell Automation and Maintenance Technology survey




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