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EP Editorial Staff | June 1, 2009

Torque Certification Program Targets Wind Professionals


To meet the needs of the growing global wind industry, Snap-on Industrial has launched a torque certification program, which explores torque theory and proper use and application of equipment.

“The understanding and proper application of torque is a mission-critical element of a viable and sustainable wind-power industry in the U.S.,” said Frederick Brookhouse, business and education partnership manager, Snap-on Industrial.

Developed in collaboration with educators, the 16-hour course is designed as a component to an existing wind-power technician training course. The Snap-on torque certification program will be integrated into wind-power technician courses currently available at Lakeshore Technical College, Cleveland, WI; Gateway Technical College, Kenosha, WI.; Texas State Technical College, Sweetwater, TX; Cerritos College, Cerritos, CA.; and the multi-campus Frances Tuttle Technology Center in Oklahoma.

The torque curriculum includes modules on theory, technique, mechanical torque wrenches, electronic torque wrenches, hydraulic torque wrenches, torque multipliers and safety. The program is designed to cover all aspects of torque, from the basics through master-level skills.

Snap-on Industrial,
a division of Snap-on Incorporated
Kenosha, WI

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Software System For Sustainability

PE Americas’ GaBi 4 is a universal tool to address the need for sustainability data administration and evaluation on an organization, facility, process or product life cycle level. This software system provides solutions for different problems regarding cost, environment, social and technical criteria, optimization of processes and managing external representation in these fields. It can assist with: Greenhouse gas accounting; life cycle assessment; life cycle engineering; design for environment; energy efficiency studies; substance flow analysis; company ecobalances; environmental reporting; sustain-ability reporting; strategic risk management; and total cost accounting. There are even more situations where GaBi 4 can support sustainability management with concise data, indicators and evaluations. The versatile functionality of GaBi 4 lets the user discover new dimensions and leads to an advanced standard in easy operation and flexibility, including: readily usable process-plan design tools; automatic calculation of complex process networks; hierarchically combinable process plans; modelling of non-linear equations; uncomplicated application of allocation methods; control of completeness and consistency; data quality indicators; display of flow names and quantities; display of user-defined process images; and browser-based process data documentation, among others.

PE Americas
Boston, MA

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bryan-steamUltra-High-Efficiency Condensing Boilers

Bryan Steam’s new Triple-FlexTM Ultra-High-Efficiency Condensing “Flexible Water Tube” Boilers have a guaranteed minimum thermal efficiency of 90% in worst case condensing boiler operating conditions and efficiencies of 99% achievable with lower return water temperatures as found in new building designs. They fire at 3000 MBH input, with sub 30 PPM NOx levels utilizing a hybrid metal fiber 5:1 turndown burner and Honeywell “SOLA” hydronic safety controls and interface systems. Other features include easily replaceable stainless steel flexible tubes and easily removed access panels, as well as a variable speed combustion air blower.

Bryan Steam, LLC
Peru, IN

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Lean And Green Online Course

BOMI’s latest online course, Energy Management and Controls, will teach managers to understand the operation and maintenance of building control applications and devices, along with computer control systems, how to evaluate current systems, and how to develop energy management strategies for heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC), lighting, auxiliary and electrical control systems. Additionally, it will teach managers how to communicate the need for changes to their managers. The course, which is part of BOMI’s Systems Maintenance Administrator (SMA®) and Systems Maintenance Technician (SMT®) designation programs, will be conducted from June 23 to September 1, 2009.

BOMI International
Annapolis, MD

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castrol-wind-turbineNew Gear Oil Boosts Wind Turbine Performance And Reliability

Castrol’s new Optigear Synthetic X gear oil offers outstanding wear protection and an extremely low tendency to form aggressive oxidative by-products. That, the company says, is why so many wind turbine bearing manufacturers are now recommending it. (Editor’s Note: Castrol Industrial North America, Inc. is part of BP, one of the world’s largest energy companies. BP Alternative Energy is a leading wind developer in the U.S. and has portfolios in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Its U.S. wind portfolio includes the opportunity to develop almost 100 projects with 15,000 MW of total generating potential.)

Castrol Industrial North America, Inc.
Naperville, IL

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