Wireless Temperature Monitoring Of Electrical Enclosures

EP Editorial Staff | March 1, 2010


The heartbeat of a building is its electrical distribution system, which regulates water pressure, climate, communication and lighting.

Without this heartbeat, all services stop—along with the business conducted in the facility. Delta T Alert, a patented device developed by Delta T Engineering, magnetically attaches to electrical equipment covers, monitoring the Delta T (temperature differential) between the interior of an electrical enclosure and the ambient temperature of the room in which the enclosure is located. According to the manufacturer, whether your panels are in a hot switchgear room in Manhattan, a frigid warehouse in Alaska or a comfortably cool data center in Tuscaloosa, the Delta T Alert monitoring system will warn of excessive temperature rise within an electrical enclosure, well before serious problems occur. Users can adjust the device to collect data on a daily basis, at chosen time intervals. The information is then transmitted wirelessly to an onsite computer for analysis and trending.

Delta T Engineering, LLC
Metuchen, NJ

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