Solution Spotlight: Consider the Lowly Handpump

EP Editorial Staff | April 2, 2010

MALMTSpot2Consider the lowly hand pump. You see them used everywhere across industry—anywhere you find process equipment and systems—in applications ranging from the transfer of boiler room chemicals and oils to solvents and degreasers.

They have countless capabilities, including helping your operations “green” up in more ways than one!

A Google search will generate more than three million listings under “chemical spills” and more than five million for chemical-spills equipment! The lists include everything from spill kits, containers, pigs, absorbents, drum accessories, gloves, safety kits, leak diverters and spill and drain barriers and wipers to, of course, pumps that act like vacuum cleaners. Eliminating fugitive inventory loss from spills (plus the requisite labor and materials for their cleanup) or vapor emissions can go a long way toward improving your “green” footprint in the immediate environment and save your company plenty of the other green. Using pumps—including today’s state-of-the-art hand pumps—that offer long service life will deliver even greater financial results.



GoatThroat SCP-6500 Conductive Plastic Pump

The GoatThroat line of pumps is designed for the safe transfer of more than 900 liquids, including both oils and corrosive fluids from containers of all sizes, and for emptying 55-gal. drums in keeping with Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Ready Standards. These polypropylene pumps offer a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years, and the only maintenance involved is a simple O-ring change once or twice during the life of the pump. The estimated “pump longevity” reduces the cost of ownership to less than $30 per year. Several styles of these pumps are now available to help facility managers meet increasingly stringent safety programs.

Remember, too, that handling fluids once instead of via multiple transfers also is a big cost saver. One company is now using a GoatThroat Pump with a remote discharge nozzle and a pneumatic adapter to deliver liquids to a sump above the head of the employee. Before, personnel would transfer from a 55-gal. drum to a 5-gal. bucket, then lift and pour the 5-gal. container into the sump. With the change to more efficient equipment, there are no more injured backs.

Product specifics
One of the newest GoatThroat offerings, the SCP-6500 Static Conductive Line, allows users of flammable liquids to ground the pumps, making them safe for use with class 1 and class 2 flammables.
Because of the highly evaporative nature of solvents, another GoatThroat product, the VSP-6800 System, helps save inventory by delivering the fluids directly to the point of use. While it can be operated by hand, a BGA Shop Air Adapter can be added to the system to increase ease of use when shop air is present.


GoatThroat VSD-6800 Vapor Degreaser Pump

Selecting the right product
Users should consider all aspects of fluid transfer and inform themselves about all available methods. In this way, they’ll be sure to select the right pumping solution—and help ensure operator safety and no material loss.

GoatThroat Pumps
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