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EP Editorial Staff | May 12, 2010

Capacity assurance marketplace

Energy-Saving Cyclone Separator 

Donaldson Company’s DF-C Cyclone Separator, used at the front end of the purification chain within compressed-air systems, provides higher efficiency than the company’s previous models at low-pressure drop. Its optimal flow-path design reduces differential-pressure drop, which lowers energy consumption. The air flow generated by the centrifugal forces of the DF-C range greatly enhances separation of liquid and solid contaminants from the compressed air.

Donaldson Company, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN

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One-Stop Shopping For Your Alignment Needs

Mr. Shims provides state-of-the-art laser tools to measure alignment, and easy-to-use, top-quality alignment materials, including 304 stainless steel, aluminum and color-coded plastic precut shims. Custom shims and shim stock are available. The company also stocks small tools and hardware, such as drillout extractors, dial-indicator hardware, hollow-punch tool kits, balancing weights and undercut bolts.

Mr. Shims
Villa Park, IL

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Secure Keypad Ignition Systems

Keytroller’s 215 generation START-SMART keypad ignition system prevents unauthorized operators from accessing equipment such as forklifts, cranes and personnel carriers. It’s available with code- or RFID-card enabling. A dual relay module connects to your ignition switch for easy installation, and the product can be easily retrofitted to any internal combustion or electric vehicle.

Keytroller, LLC
Tampa, FL

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mt0510sdtUltrasound With Onboard Database

According to SDT, its SDT270 is the first portable ultrasound instrument to include both a built-in temperature sensor and a laser tachometer, as well as an onboard SQL database to capture and manage survey data. In addition, the product’s Internet connection allows remote access for support, training and measurement triggering. Other features include the ability to maintain a database of accurate sound files; two channel inputs for faster data collection; and upgradeability and customization options.

SDT International SA/NV
Cobourg, ON

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mt0510sprayingPump System Optimizes Tank-Cleaning & Spray Nozzles

AutoJet® FDS30100 Fluid Delivery System from Spraying Systems optimizes the performance of a range of tank-cleaning and spray nozzles. All system components (including the pump, motor and control) are integrated in a compact cart for easy mobility. The system’s Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) eliminates the need for control valves to throttle flow, and the discharge pressure is quickly set on the intuitive touch pad. The VFD also automatically adjusts speed to maintain pressure, reducing energy consumption.

Spraying Systems Co.
Wheaton, IL

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mt0510exairIndustrial Vacuum For Handling Abrasive Materials

EXAIR’s new Heavy Duty Dry Vac™ is an industrial-duty vacuum cleaner engineered to quickly remove high volumes of dry materials. This wear-resistant unit is suitable for clean-up of abrasive materials including steel shot, metal chips and sand, yet it’s also useful with general-purpose tasks. Powered with compressed air, it connects to a user-supplied 55-gal. open-top drum. There are no motors and impellers to clog or wear out, and it comes with a five-year warranty.

EXAIR Corporation
Cincinnati, OH

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Pressure Transmitters For Hazardous Environments

Monitoring the pressure of combustible substances, including chemicals, gas and oil, requires purpose-built instruments with specific safety features. Ashcroft’s compact Type A2X (explosion-proof) and Type A4 (intrinsically safe) pressure transmitters are specifically designed for hazardous, non-network applications where costly “smart” transmitters aren’t required. Less than 5″ long, with 1″ diameters, they’re available in ranges from 0/5 through 0/10,000 psi and are delivered in accuracies of ±0.5% and ±0.25% of full span. Resulting measurement data are communicated through a choice of six different analog voltage or current outputs.

Ashcroft Inc.
Stratford, CT

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mt0510sterlingSilicone-Insert Couplings

A new series of silicone-insert couplings from Sterling Instrument offers electrical isolation and no backlash. Ranging in length from 26.5 mm to 57 mm, they have aluminum hubs with either set screws or clamps for fastening to shafts. Stocked in five bore sizes, these metric couplings are identified as the S54HSAM (clamp) and S5PSAM (set screw) Series. Well-suited to tight or skewed connections, they operate in temperatures from -50 C to +150 C and at a maximum speed of 5000 rpm.

Sterling Instrument
New Hyde Park, NY

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mt0510warnerClutch/Brake For Those Tough Conveyor Applications

Warner Electric offers a new heavy-duty Gen2 electromagnetic packaged clutch/brake UniModule for use in tough conveyor applications. A new, larger bearing provides a dynamic-load capability increase of 47% over previous modules. A redesigned armature and spline hub result in an effective spline-length increase of 83%. Standard features include internal-component mounting and an external housing fin design that increases heat dissipation and optimizes stop/start frequencies. Integrated custom mounting bolts make installation easy and allow the conduit box to be located directly on top of the unit for consistent orientation.

Warner Electric
A business unit of Altra Industrial Motion
Braintree, MA

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mt0510efiDrop-In HVAC Replacement Motors

In a partnership with Proctor Engineering Group, EFI is now distributing Concept 3™, an efficient motor for use with your existing HVAC systems. The units are brushless, permanent-magnet designs that can be dropped in as replacements for common Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) motors found in most furnaces, air conditioners and heat-pump systems using 24v thermostats. Speed-controllable, these motors offer a low-watt draw per delivered CFM in both heating and cooling, and have fan-control algorithms for dry, wet and mixed climates.

Energy Federation Inc. (EFI)
Westborough, MA

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