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EP Editorial Staff | January 31, 2011

0102problem1Cooling-Lubricant Supply System

Rexroth’s new Rapidstar Supply Unit (RSU) supply system for cooling lubricants offers the advantages of a modular system for low- and high-pressure supply. When paired with the company’s KST booster, high-pressure generation is moved into the hydraulic unit when internally cooled tools are used. This omits the motor-pump supply line on the cooling-lubricant side and reduces energy consumption up to 88%.
Bosch Rexroth AG
Hoffman Estates, IL

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0102problem2Chemical-Resistant Bearing

The iglide® C210 bearing from igus® delivers superior resistance to a range of acids, solvents and hydrogen peroxide, and can handle continuous temperatures of 212 F. As with all iglide products, the bearing’s tribo-polymer is lubrication-free and corrosion-resistant, making it resistant to the aggressive chemicals used in food and packaging industries.
igus, Inc.
East Providence, RI

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Bio-Based Penetrating Lubricant

G2 Fuel Technologies’ Bio-blast is a fast-acting, penetrating lubricant with patented additives and bio-solvents that won’t stain metals. It drives out moisture, providing a high dielectric insulating property in electrical equipment and removing rust and dirt. This recyclable product contains no VOCs, is USDA-certified as Bio-Preferred and meets ASTM D-5864 standards for ultimate biodegradability.
G2 Fuel Technologies
Tampa, FL

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Variable-Area Lubrication Flowmeters

Universal Flow Monitors has added compact, noncontact magnetically coupled transmitters to its line of variable-area lubrication flowmeters, replacing potentiometers that can easily wear out. Optional alarm switches protect machinery and minimize downtime in the event of flow failure. The entire line can be used when local flow indication and mechanical flow switching or 4-20 mA transmitters are desired.
Universal Flow Monitors, Inc.
Hazel Park, MI

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Dual-Gauge Filter Adapter

The LF-9904 dual-gauge adapter from Schroeder Industries fits in the existing pressure indicator port of any Schroeder filter, providing a fast and safe way to take oil samples or test pressures in hydraulic or pneumatic systems under operation. Its two ports can sample upstream and downstream fluid, which allows for the use of two test points not previously built into the filter. The adapter’s standard Viton seal is compatible with most hydraulic fluids and petroleum products.
Schroeder Industries
Leetsdale, PA

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Tough Food Grade Lube

J&B Industries offers White Guard Supreme H-1 Food Grade lubricant (fortified with PTFE) for use in a number of applications, including food processing and packaging. According to the company, the product is highly resistant to heat, water washout, acid and alkaline cleaners such as those found in meatpacking plants, water and wastewater treatment facilities, bottling operations, bakeries and canneries. With its rust and corrosion inhibitors, White Guard Supreme is well suited for conveyors, rollers, slides, bearings, chains, sprockets and guide rails. It has a Timken load of 40 and a drop point of 510 F.
J&B Industries
Rio Hondo, TX

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