Efficient Gadget: Magnetic Bearing Technology Helps Drive Efficient Blowers

EP Editorial Staff | May 24, 2011


Synchrony has entered into a new partnership capitalizing on its magnetic-bearing technology with Gardner Denver, manufacturer of Hoffman® and Lamson® brand blowers. Under terms of the multi-year agreement, Gardner Denver will integrate Synchrony technology into its new Hoffman Revolution™ line of high-speed aeration blowers for water- and wastewater-treatment applications.

The partnership takes into account Synchrony’s achievements in the area of magnetic bearings, including improv-ing reliability, reducing friction and vibration, advancing health monitoring and diagnostics and eliminating environmental disadvantages associated with lubricants. Incorporating a high-speed permanent magnet motor controlled by a variable-speed drive, Synchrony’s technology is an integral part of the Hoffman Revolution. Carrying a “Powered by Synchrony” label, these blowers offer flows from 2500–11,000 CFM and pressures from 3–15 psig, while generating up to 45% energy savings from a footprint 50% smaller than a conventional multi-stage centrifugal unit.

Synchrony, Inc.
Roanoke, VA
Gardner Denver, Inc.
Quincy, IL

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