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EP Editorial Staff | April 11, 2012

1112mplaceroyalMetalworking Oil Mist And Smoke Cleanup

 Royal Filtermist units from Royal Products have been collecting oil mist and smoke generated by metalworking machinery for 30 years. The latest offering, the Filtermist FX-Series, is the product of extensive computer-aided mod-eling and laboratory testing. Still based on the principle of centrifugal impaction, this lineup is available in four sizes ranging from 275 – 1200 cfm. Their flexible design allows these products to be mounted directly to the top of a machine tool, on a stand or suspended from a ceiling. The manufacturer says maintenance and operating costs are minimal.

Royal Products
Hauppauge, NY

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Punch-Packing Gear Lubricants

 Chevron’s Meropa® gear lubricants are designed for a wide range of industrial applications. The manufacturer points to special additives that not only provide extreme pressure protection and anti-wear properties, but also high thermal and oxidation stability and excellent foam control and demulsibility. According to the company, these products offer exceptional load-carrying capabilities; micro-pitting protection; long-term rust and corrosion protection; good seal compatibility; excellent filtration properties; improved system cleanliness; and long equipment life.

Chevron U.S.A., Inc.
San Romon, CA

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Special Gear Oil Series

 Bel-Ray notes its series of Molylube Special Gear Oils is specially compounded with colloidal molybdenum disulfide to provide superior high-temperature stability, outstanding extreme pressure properties and excellent rust and corrosion protection. They’ve been formulated to improve the viscosity temperature slope by reducing the change in viscosity with an increase in temperature under isothermal conditions. Their non-Newtonian behavior and properties, including an ability to retard leakage, reduces friction and wear by maintaining greater film thickness on gear teeth. According to the manufacturer, when a severe rise in temperature is reached, these products will carry greater loads because of the flatter viscosity temperature slope. Applications include make-up and refill in spiral, bevel, hypoid rear axle service, heavy-duty worm gear operations, heavy-duty industrial transmissions and gear trains.

Bel-Ray Co., Inc.
Farmingdale, NJ

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1112mplacekano100+ Maintenance Tips For Free

 A revised brochure featuring more than 100 tips from real-world maintenance and operations personnel is now available at no charge from Kano Laboratories. Included are ideas for handling frozen bearings, loosening corroded bolts and frozen brake cables, removing rust, improving belt power transfer, improving engine performance, increasing gas mileage and much more.

Kano Laboratories, Inc.
Nashville, TN

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1112marketmartinProductivity-Enhancing Retaining Ring Pliers

 Martin Sprocket offers a line of retaining ring pliers that, according to the company, are the most user-friendly and efficient tools of their kind on the market. Patented jaws provide positive tip retention and alignment. Users need only to switch a tab and squeeze the handles. Model P1421 features an adjustable stop for small rings. Model P75 incorporates an automatic ratchet lock that keeps rings locked open or closed. Made in the USA, these productivity enhancers are suitable for rings up to 4”.

Martin Sprocket Tool & Forge
A Division of Martin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.
Fort Worth, TX

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Herringbone, Straight & Spiral-Bevel Gear Oils

 Castrol’s Molub-Alloy range of mineral-based extreme pressure gear oils is recommended for spur, helical, herringbone and straight or spiral bevel gears. According to the company, good shock load carrying capabilities come from a special formulation and a proprietary blend of metallic lubricating solids, treated to increase their natural affinity for metal surfaces. Rust and oxidation inhibitors ensure long service life, while the high viscosity index allows use over a wide temperature range.

Castrol Industrial North America, Inc.
Naperville, IL

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