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EP Editorial Staff | May 29, 2012

Durable, Industrial-Grade Fans

 The Powerfoil X2.0 ceiling fan from Big Ass Fans features a patented airfoil system that combines airfoils and winglets with the company’s AirFences™ to increase overall coverage. The winglet improves airfoil effectiveness by eliminating turbulence at the tip, while the AirFences capture air that would otherwise slip off the end of the airfoil. Completely enclosed electronics and the NitroSeal™ custom gearbox help ensure the fan’s durability.

Big Ass Fans
Lexington, KY

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On-Line Electrical-System Condition Assessment 

CableWISE®, a service of UtilX, is a unique, non-destructive on-line electrical system assessment technology that can evaluate the condition of cable systems, transformers and switchgear without them having to be shut down. Knowing a cable system’s weaknesses allows owners, asset managers and reliability engineers to be proactive in identifying and repairing problems before they cause outages. The CableWISE technology can detect the deterioration in cables, splices and terminations on both new and aged cable systems. Developed for the utilities industry, it’s now available for commercial and industrial customers.


UtilX Corp.
Kent, WA

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0512mplacecatMid-Size, Energy-Efficient, Low-Emission Lift Trucks

 Cat Lift Trucks’ 2EPC5000 – 2EP6500 Series is a line of electric pneumatic tire lift trucks with a capacity of 5000–6500 lbs. According to the manufacturer, these 80V units deliver performance comparable to internal combustion models, but reduce overall maintenance costs and cut emission levels to almost zero. Offering a 10% increase in energy efficiency over the previous generation, they also let operators run up to two shifts per one battery charge in most applications.

Cat Lift Trucks
Houston, TX

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High-Clarity IR Camera

 FLIR’s T440 infrared camera offers sharp thermal resolution at 76,800 pixels (320×240) and the company’s exclusive MSX™ Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging. MSX adds the detail of real-time visible spectrum images captured by the built-in digital camera to thermal spectrum images, providing high sharpness, contrast and clarity. Other capabilities include scalable picture-in-picture and thermal fusion for easier image identification and added context. Users can add voice and text comments to images and sketch right on the screen.

FLIR Systems
Portland, OR

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Easy, Less-Messy Oil-Sampling

 According to JLM Systems, the Pass-Thru technology on its recently introduced OILMISER™ Pass-Thru Sampling Valve (SV-PT) is a game changer for oil sampling. Designed with a plated steel body and Hex cap with chain tether, the device’s Pass-Thru feature allows a ¼” OD plastic tube or the OILMISER™ pass-through pitot tube to be inserted from the outside into the machine from which oil is being sampled. A tube seal/wiper strips surface oil from the sampling tube. The new SV-PT is available with a ¼”, 3/8”, ½” or ¾” NPT male pipe thread.

JLM Systems Ltd.
Richmond, BC, Canada

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0512mplaceglacierWater-Resistant Computer Terminal


The Everest S9000 stainless-steel computer terminal from Glacier Computer is suitable for conditions that require water resistance, such as food processing, outdoor kiosks, clean rooms and some marine applications. The unit provides a NEMA4/IP65 power supply and I/O, with the AC power supply, I/O connectors and cables available with a NEMA4/IP65 rating. The terminal utilizes the INTEL Atom N270 1.6 GHz processor with a 2.5” SATA HDD, Internal 802.11 a/b/g/n, dual internal antennas and 12” and 15” displays.

Glacier Computer
New Milford, CT

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