Harness Valuable Knowledge Before It Leaves The Organization

EP Editorial Staff | May 28, 2012

Many companies struggle with the loss of experienced staff leaving the organization. Just as challenging—if not more so—is the loss of valuable plant-specific knowledge that these individuals carry with them when they go out the door.

This is especially troublesome today, given the current demographics across the country: The knowledge gap between mature, experienced employees who are retiring or departing for other job opportunities and newer, less experienced workers who may be taking their places is significant.

i-Quantum Solutions has developed a unique process and software application that provides another tactic to capture the valuable knowledge staff possess on equipment and systems. The process identifies what knowledge and information is critical and relevant for retention by the organization.

An easy-to-navigate object-based application links the valuable nuggets of knowledge to images or technical diagrams of the manufacturing or production process using our proprietary “Knowledge Modules.” Each of these modules can be configured to hold multiple categories of knowledge: operating risk, operating practices, equipment defect issues, maintenance tactics, operating notes and repair procedures, for example. In each knowledge category, the information is captured using text bytes, audio clips, video clips or other media such as documents. It essentially encapsulates that “little pocket notebook” operators and technicians use for reference and much more.

The i-Quantum approach is to capture typically undocumented knowledge in usable bytes, through multi-media, from the people who are critical to an operation. That’s because most people in today’s world prefer to receive their information in byte-size pieces—through visual and audio formats rather than long text-based procedures and manuals. The interactive, dynamic format allows the software to become a “live” solution to capture knowledge on an ongoing basis, rather than by way of a static approach that only allows a knowledge capture at a given point in time.

This type of dynamic environment allows for the quick building of a plant-specific knowledge base. In turn, your invaluable tangible knowledge investment is retained and equates to a significant cost benefit. MT

To learn about i-Quantum’s practical performance improvement processes and innovative solutions, visit www.i-qs.com, or email: enquiries@i-qs.com.

For more info, enter 93 at www.MT-freeinfo.com

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