Convenient Lockout-Tagout After Safe & Easy Electrical Deenergization

EP Editorial Staff | October 25, 2012


According to Meltric Corporation, its switch-rated plugs/receptacles have been successfully applied as safe, reliable and rugged connecting devices across most major industrial applications, especially those involving motors or welding machines. These products combine the functionality of a disconnect switch with the convenience of a plug and receptacle. An integral switching mechanism allows users to safely make and break connections under full load. They are UL-approved as a “motor circuit disconnect switch” and as a “branch circuit disconnect switch” (UL Subject 2682). When the plug is removed from the receptacle, a safety shutter prevents worker exposure to live parts—only the correct mating plug can open the receptacle’s safety shutter. This design shields users from potential arc flash at all times and maintains a NFPA 70E-defined hazard risk category = ‘0’ while making and breaking electrical connections. In comparison, most competitive pin-and-sleeve or twist-type plugs and receptacles are not safe to connect or disconnect under load and may present an arc flash hazard that requires an electrician to properly deenergize the equipment.

Ease of application

Meltric’s plugs are built with a convenience feature that makes it easy to comply with OSHA lockout-tagout requirements. Incorporating a 5/16” lockout hole in the plug shroud, these switch-rated plugs/receptacles are easily locked out by simply inserting a user-provided lock through the hole in the male plug. The lock on the disconnected male plug prevents insertion into the female receptacle and provides visual verification of equipment deenergization. An optional lockout provision can be provided on the receptacle to prevent plug insertion or to lock the plug in the connected position. In comparison, most competitive
pin-and-sleeve-type plugs require an additional third-party lockout shield or plug cap, which not only can be expensive, but are often lost, broken or simply unavailable when needed.

Meltric switch-rated plugs/receptacles are available in three models:

  • DSN Series: ratings up to 60A, 20HP, 600V (most compact, lowest cost design, NEMA 4X) 
  • DS Series: ratings up to 200A, 25 HP, 600V (offering the highest amperage ratings, NEMA 4X optional)
  • DB Series: ratings up to 100A, 60HP, 600V (highest horsepower ratings, heavy-duty applications, IP67)

These switch-rated plugs/receptacles are built to order in Franklin, WI, and are typically shipped on the next working day. MT

Meltric Corp.
Franklin, WI

More About Meltric

Meltric Corporation has built a strong reputation serving the needs of industrial operations seeking to improve their electrical connection safety and maintenance productivity. The company’s complete line of industrial plugs and receptacles, including UL/CSA switch-rated plugs and receptacles, is available through electrical distributors.





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