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EP Editorial Staff | October 19, 2012

Advanced Zinc-Free Hydraulic Fluid

 According to Shell, its new Shell Tellus S3 M hydraulic fluid uses advanced zinc-free anti-wear technology to improve pump protection, enhance system efficiency and provide up to twice the life of the company’s previous zinc-free product. It’s suited for use in factory-based industrial hydraulic applications and severe-duty, extended-operation applications, as well as outdoor applications in climates with limited temperature variations. The fluid’s low aquatic toxicity helps reduce its environmental impact. Shell Tellus S3 M meets the requirements of a number of OEM specifications, including, among others, Husky (ISO VG 46), Parker Hannifin HF-0, HF-1, HF-2, and Eaton 694. It also meets standards ISO 11158 HM fluids, AFNOR NF-E 48-603, ASTM D6158 (HM mineral oils), DIN 51524-2 

(HLP oils) and Swedish Standard SS 15 54 34 AM.

Shell Lubricants
Houston, TX

Low-Foaming, High-Performing Metalworking Fluid  

NuSoL® Alumax 89  from Chemtool is specifically formulated for all operations on non-ferrous alloys, exotic ferrous alloys (including titani-um), Inconel and Monel, plastics and composites. According to the manufacturer, while NuSoL  Alumax 89 provides the excellent type of wetting, detergency and boundary lubrication that’s associated with other NuSoL metalworking fluids, this product incorporates a new performance-enhancing additive package that demonstrates lower foaming characteristics for typical use concentrations (5-15%). 

Chemtool, Inc.
Rockton, IL

 Making Total Tool Management Simple

The makers of WinTool say their product is the only centralized, online tool database capable of seamlessly interfacing with many of the software programs that a manufacturing site already uses, including CAM, presetters, tool crib management, scheduling and ERP, purchasing, etc. According to the company, this single database not only provides users with online access to an up-to-date record of tool inventory, it helps them eliminate errors and uncertainty by not ordering tools they already have on hand.   
WinTool USA
Arlington, TX

0910mplaceeriezInline Machine Tool Fluid Filtration And More

According to Eriez, its fully automated mobile SumpDoc™ provides inline coolant filtration and replenishment for machine tools while they run. The first phase of its three-phase process vacuums chips and sludge from dirty sump coolant at a rate of 85 GPM per minute (50 microns). Fine solid particulate is then filtered to 3-5 microns and tramp oils are removed to less than 0.5% at flow rates of 90-120 GPH.  Once clean, the fluid is analyzed and the SumpDoc is set to deliver a lean, medium or rich coolant mix back to the sump. Depending on the regularity of cleaning, a 200-gal. sump typically can be processed in about two hours. Mounted on a battery-powered pallet jack, the unit comes with onboard hookups and extensions for compressed air, plant water and 120V, single-phase electric.  
Eriez Manufacturing Co.
Erie, PA

0910mplacey2kFilter Cart Delivers Real-Time Particle Count Readouts

The Tandem Series filter carts from Y2K Fluid Power feature an on-board particle monitor with a real-time readout of the fluid’s condition to ISO cleanliness standard ISO 4406-1999 (E). This can help eliminate drawing fluid samples and waiting on results. The unit also has two sets of filter elements that allow filtering of different grades of fluid, with no cross-contamination using a single cart.
Y2K Fluid Power
Sioux Falls, SD
0910mplacepliExpanded Automatic Lubricator Product Lineup
PLI, LLC has added the MEMOLUB® ONE LPS to its line of reusable automatic lubricator products. The unit features a low-pressure 240cc single-point, self-contained design with low environmental impact. According to the PLI, it saves time, money and bearings with precise metered lubricant injection, simple programming and economical, easy-to-change, replaceable lube cartridges. A three-year warranty protects against defects in material or workmanship.
Racine, WI



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