The Corporate Report 2012: American Trainco

EP Editorial Staff | December 14, 2012

American Trainco offers hands-on training in public-seminar and private on-site formats for maintenance personnel across industry. We cover hundreds of cities around the U.S. and Canada and will conduct more than 1500 sessions next year—making us the largest provider of this type of training in the world today. Since 2002, our expert staff has trained more than 135,000 maintenance workers.

Among our most popular topics are “Basic Electricity for the Non-Electrician,” “Arc Flash Electrical Safety NFPA 70E,” “Electrical Troubleshooting,” “Air Conditioning & Refrigeration,” “Boiler Operation, Maintenance & Safety,” “Pro-grammable Logic Controllers,”  “Variable Frequency Drives,” “Pumps and Pump Systems,” “National Electrical Code,” “HVAC,” “Electrical Schematics and Drawings” and many more.

At American Trainco, we approach our students as if they were our own employees. We instruct and guide them in practical knowledge that allows them to immediately return to their workplaces and apply what they have learned. We make sure they can keep their plants or facilities up and running—and we make sure they can do it safely. 

For example, American Trainco doesn’t just provide textbook information and downloads about the National Electrical Code and NFPA 70E updates: Our instructors help our students apply that information to their own workplace and facility needs.  

By providing exceptional learning experiences for our students and a positive work culture for our employees, American Trainco empowers individuals to become caring, competent and responsible citizens who value the positive contributions they make toward keeping our world running. 

1212americantraincoAmerican Trainco

P.O. Box 3397

Englewood, CO 80155

Ph: 303.531.4560

Fax: 303.531.4565 




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