The Corporate Report 2013: ALL-TEST Pro, LLC

EP Editorial Staff | December 19, 2013

ALL-TEST Pro, LLC (ATP) manufactures handheld, battery-operated, portable instruments for the testing of motors, generators, transformers and other coil-based devices. Worldwide sales, service and training is available for our line of instruments that perform De-Energized testing (Motor Circuit Analysis), Energized testing (Electrical Signature Analysis) and Power Quality Analysis (including an easy-to-use, energy-saving calculation report) for Predictive Maintenance Testing, Quality Control, and Troubleshooting.


By being able to choose the ideal ATP instrument for a customer’s need—be it just troubleshooting or more demanding predictive maintenance—the initial investment is very low and will produce a rapid ROI for the contractor.

12,000+ Instruments Sold Worldwide

ATP’s motor-testing instruments are used daily for improving rotating-equipment reliability, reducing energy consumption and lowering overall plant operating costs. Several models have received “Best Product” awards worldwide.  

Network of Contractors 

While Electrical-Motor System testing has become an important part of successful rotating- equipment reliability programs, many potential customers cannot support an internal testing program. We know that contractors are perfectly positioned to offer these services, which will bring a new revenue stream to their businesses.

Electrical Machinery Diagnostics Workshops

ATP offers IACET-accredited Electrical Reliability Training courses worldwide. Taught by Bill Kruger, world-renowned for his Theory and Application of Motor Diagnostics courses, attendees earn CEU credits in these Energized and De-Energized Testing Courses that focus on electric-motor theory and operation to provide a comprehensive view of the principles and solutions needed to diagnose electric-motor-system issues. The knowledge gained arms attendees with the expertise needed to implement reliable predictive maintenance programs in their facilities. 

1213cratproALL-TEST Pro, LLC

PO Box 1139

Old Saybrook, CT 06475

Ph: 860.399.4222
or 800.952.8776




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