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Remote-Access Machine Controller Bridges Digital and Physical Plant Environments

Jane Alexander | June 18, 2014

According to Nanospark, its new machine interface controller with a variety of digital and analog inputs and outputs can effectively “wire” users to nearly any machines and sensors in their plants. Operated through an app that can be accessed with a range of devices, it incorporates a number of capabilities, including a scheduling feature to run equipment only when it’s needed, thus saving energy. This same feature can make key pieces of equipment ready for employees when they begin their shifts or turn on machines early so they’re running by the time operators arrive.

Nanospark also allows users to turn off machinery from afar via text-messaging. This remote monitoring and control feature works anywhere a phone signal is available and can be added to any machine.

The alerts feature on this new machine controller can be leveraged both for emergency notifications and to streamline processes and increase productivity. When a condition is met, the user receives a notification and, if needed, can quickly begin taking corrective actions.




Jane Alexander

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