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Dry-Running/Silent-Running Shaft Seals Reduce Costs and Eliminate Noise & Heat Issues

Jane Alexander | July 15, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 10.32.39 AMEagleBurgmann has launched a new generation of dry-running shaft seals for agitators. According to the company, in addition to the known benefits of this type of mechanical seal (there is no seal supply system, for example), the new SeccoMix1 is also silent running and has been prototype tested for use in ATEX category 1 (zone 0). The seals are suited for use in mixers, agitators, dryers and filter strainers.

The company says that products from the SeccoMix series have been used for over a decade. Featuring a sprung seal face and a stationary seat unit in a semi-cartridege type of construction, these seals can be easily installed. The manufacturer further notes that since dry-running singles seals require no supply system, their costs can be as little as 30% of those for an equivalent liquid-lubricated designs.

The company further notes that although dry-running seals could be considerably noisy in the past, depending on the type and operating conditions, and generally gave off substantial heat during operation, those issues have been eliminated by its new-generation SeccoMix1 series. The redesign means that these seals not only run silently, they incorporate a patented air-cooling system for the seal face that significantly reduces temperature rise. SeccoMix1 can now even be used in potentially explosive areas (ATEX), making temperature monitoring unnecessary for category 1 (zone 0).

Standard SeccoMix1 single seals are used for top-driven machines and in non-hazardous process media. For side entires of the type often found in dryers, there is the SeccoMixR version with rotating stationary seat. Because so little abrasion results with these units, EagleBurgmann says the SeccoMix1 is also appropriate for food and pharma applications.





Jane Alexander

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