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GE Adds More IIoT Services to their Portfolio

Grant Gerke | August 9, 2017

The devil is always in the details, but a new service model from GE, called Acceleration Plans, offers to help customers grow with IIoT applications, be it with maintenance, training, or the adoption of managed service capabilities.

According to the press release from late July, Acceleration Plans offer three tiers of increasing value depending on customer needs. These tiers provide the necessary tools and guidance to make new software installation and adoption successful and help maximize return on investment.

“Only 15% of software deployments are considered very successful. Organizational readiness, support, training and data quality need to be accounted for if positive business outcomes are going to be generated,” says Chad Naeger, Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Success Officer for GE Digital.

Maintenance Technology’s Take
xgeoogoManufacturers struggle with mountains of plant data is well documented, along with new platforms and processes is begging for service experts to provide an essential role for most manufacturers. More services is where GE is going — along with others. GE also offers machine health kits called Digital Machine & Equipment health starter kits to help manufacturers start small and evaluate machine monitoring strategies. For more information on these kits, visit Rapid Start Services page.

>> More details about Acceleration Plans can be found here.



Grant Gerke

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