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How to Synchronize Field Data to Your Asset Management Database

Grant Gerke | September 13, 2017

Making a Maintenance Technicians job easier can be hard to do in the complex world of continuous processing instrumentation, but a new smart device communicator tool may help. Updates to instrumentation is a big part of operations and maintenance tech’s duties and getting these manual updates to the master asset management database can be a challenge, for many reasons.

Changes made to instrumentation in the field and entered incorrectly, can lead to “bad data” and eventually create safety issues and operational efficiencies. Via Jim Cahill’s blog, Emerson’s AMS Trex Device Communicator — smart device communicators — has now added, “Auto Sync technology to make sure changes made my technicians working locally with smart instrumentation are synchronized back with the plant asset management database.”

The feature works by synchronizing any changes with AMS Device Manager and Emerson’s Nicholas Meyer noted in the blog post “that these changes are applied to the database as soon as the communicator detects a Wi-Fi signal or USB cable connection. When not connected, all changes are cached locally on the communicator, and when reconnected, the Trex communicator automatically uploads that data.”

For more information about the new feature, watch this video demo on Emerson. Or, read the White Paper, titled, Improving Data Integrity with Auto Sync.



Grant Gerke

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