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Webinar | How to Move Towards Analyzed Plant Data

Grant Gerke | September 20, 2017

IoT purchasing chart
The big idea from the webinar is generated and analyzed data, a huge gap currently that could get smaller with the help of OPC UA. The total number of IIoT connection will grow from 6 billion from 2015 to 27 billions by 2025, according to the MCMA.

In the August print issue of Maintenance Technology, I touched on the “holy grail” of industrial manufacturing communications: OPC UA. This industrial communications standard has been solving sturdy obstacles in sharing operational and predictive maintenance information for years, and is now pushing data to enterprise cloud analytics, such as Microsoft Azure Platform or integrating into SAP.

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OPC UA is not a hypothetical in today’s plant and the big takeaway for Operators, Maintenace, and Management is this industrial communication standard will help move the needle on to analyzed data — versus generated data. See the chart on the page here, as it was part of the free webinar, “How Will OPC UA and TSN Change the Automation Industry.” The speakers set up the webinar with the idea that “mountains of unrealized data” is huge and will be transformed to create better margins in the plant. The best thingn is that IIoT investments can be assimilated with legacy equipment.

>> Watch the free webinar [reg reqd] as it provides a great overview for all of us in the plant and field.




Grant Gerke

Grant Gerke

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