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Video | How Duke Power Started with IIoT in 2010

Grant Gerke | February 15, 2018

Duke Energy Renewables division manages or owns more than 4,000 MW of wind power in six states in the United States.
Duke Energy Renewables division manages or owns more than 4,000 MW of wind power in six states in the United States.

The term digital transformation gets thrown around a lot in manufacturing circles these days, along with predictive analytics/Industrial Internet of Things, but these initiatives have happening for many years. Duke Energy fits into this category with their SmartGen asset management project, which started in 2010. Duke highlighted this program at a recent ARC Advisory Forum.

Duke Energy is presenting this week at the ARC Advisory Forum in Orlando, Fla, see below, and is discussing a new business model paradigms due to predictive maintenance technology. EP featured Duke Power on this topic in our December issue that focused on predictive maintenance services for their fleet and other utilities.

Bernie Cook, former dir. of maintenance and diagnostics, at Duke Power (now a vp of equipment reliability at Woyshner Service Co.) provided a great powerpoint overview of Duke Power’s SmartGen project initiative at a recent ARC Advisory Forum event and the presentation is below.

As mentioned many times on EP’s IIoT web page, digital asset management projects have been underway for many years. The Duke Power initiative started when the company had a failure with a transformer — bus issues — approximately ten years ago and this incident showed that manual detection every six months wouldn’t provide enough support for large assets. The project pushed the utility to explore how to implement continuous monitoring programs. Below are the pillars for the SmartGen project (2012 – 2018).

Monitoring & Diagnostic Infrastructure

• Remote monitoring
• Smart diagnostics & prognostics
• Data integration & Visualization
• Enhanced Reliability Process
• Zero Event Operations (adding sensors, such as ash ponds)
• Fleet force multiplier
• Plant Modeling


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